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A Smart Approach to Hiring for the Changing Workplace

Hybrid work environments, high turnover, and talent scarcity means recruiting teams are under immense pressure to find and place top talent. Legacy recruitment tools are characterized by inefficient manual processes and disconnected data, making the important job of identifying and engaging with qualified candidates costly and time-consuming. In the end, it’s hit-or-miss.

HiringSolved was founded in 2012 by Shon Burton and Trevor Olson – a veteran staffing recruiter and a technology professional with extensive technical backgrounds and experience in open web data sourcing. Driven by the belief that technology should help people stay human, find meaningful work and build inclusive workplaces, they created the industry’s leading AI-powered enterprise talent intelligence platform.

HiringSolved optimizes recruiting with AI-powered search and match capabilities, enabling teams to beat the competition to top talent and find great people whose qualifications align perfectly with target roles. Layered on top of your internal ATS, CRM, and HRI systems, it unifies your data to accelerate search and provide holistic and actionable insights that help you make the right choice, every time.

Meet Our Leadership

Neil Bryson joined HiringSolved in August 2020 as President after working as Global Head of Business Development for Allegis Global Solutions’ MSP business. He has nearly 30 years of sales, business development, and strategy experience and has led global business development, innovation and technology, industry relations, marketing, and global solutions.

At HiringSolved, Bryson leads the company’s aggressive growth strategy and day-to-day operations to ensure that HiringSolved remains a leader in the HR Technology industry.

Jill Stutzman-Deaner joined HiringSolved in 2021 after over a decade of experience at companies like Aerotek and Getting Hired. Stutzman-Deaner is dedicated to diversity and inclusion, quality organizational growth, and creating opportunities for all.

At HiringSolved, Stutzman-Deaner serves as the Vice President of Customer Success where she leads all efforts to support and empower HiringSolved’s users to optimize their recruiting efforts.

Dave Barthel joined HiringSolved in 2019, after more than 25 years of working for the Allegis family of companies. There, Barthel was the top producing sales leader—starting as a technical recruiter and quickly growing his role to become the Managing Director of Global Business Development for AGS.

At HiringSolved, Barthel serves as the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing—overseeing the sales, marketing, and customer success functions to ensure the success of HiringSolved’s users through smart automation.

Meet Our Founders

Shon Burton is the Founder and product visionary of HiringSolved, a leading Talent Intelligence company in the HR Tech industry. Burton is the designer of RAI, HiringSolved’s AI-based recruiting assistant, which has been called “Siri for recruiting” by the media. He is also the co-founder of MLconf – The Machine Learning Conference and conference.ai, two of the top conferences in applied machine learning and artificial intelligence, respectively. Before starting HiringSolved, Burton founded several other companies, including Wildcog, Dataverse, and GetAnyGame.

Trevor Olson is the co-founder and CTO of HiringSolved. His background in astrophysics and High Performance Computing led him to contributions like writing the Python libraries the scientific community uses for parsing/analyzing images from missions like Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) and the Mars Perseverance Rover and contributed code used on Ingenuity, the Mars Helicopter. HiringSolved is his 4th start-up, where he leads the technology efforts to simplify recruiting for recruiters. He loves kayaking and backpacking in his free time and using his filmmaking training in his photography pursuits.

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