We started in 2012 as an underdog.

The need for our software was forged in the fires of a small San Francisco based recruiting startup, which had just landed Google and Apple as customers. In that high-pressure environment, human charm, wit, and sweat were not enough. They needed an unfair advantage.

Our founders, Shon and Trevor met in 2011 – far away from San Francisco, on a hot night in Chandler, Arizona at a dusty hacker-space called Gangplank. Shon was looking to build the unfair advantage. Trevor was working on simulating central galactic dynamics. The pair hit it off and started building software to automate some of the steps in the crushingly deep workflow that recruiters were tasked with. They started with an idea to crawl the web for information to teach the machine. Within 6 months they had something interesting, a tool that would predict candidates for jobs, present them to a manager, and learn from the response. The feedback they received was exciting, even intoxicating, fueling the pair to keep going. HiringSolved was born.

Building an AI startup in Chandler, Arizona was hard. It was hard to find the right talent. It was hard to get funding. It was hard to get the word out. But sometimes, starting as an underdog gives you something to prove and a challenge only serves to make you stronger. Today, HiringSolved is one of the top AI-based talent discovery and automation solutions in the global HR Tech market. The company has a large global customer base with users in 127 countries around the world and is funded by the largest players in the talent acquisition market.

We still have a lot to prove and we still thrive on a challenge. We seek to make hiring better by making software smarter. We’re looking for people with something to prove, people who love the challenge.

Mission: Solve Hiring

Our mission is to pioneer the future in hiring, opportunity discovery and AI research.

Developing real solutions means boldly breaking the archaic mold and proceeding with a novel philosophy. We aim to fundamentally change the way people are hired forever. Ultimately, we endeavor to solve hiring.

Our Driving Theory

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Organize Chaos

In a world where everyone shares multiple data points publicly, we toil to answer the call for software smart enough to sort it. We organize the mess of high-density social data into a simple format that makes sense.

Building the next evolution of hiring tech means more than sucking up every available data point on the web. Constructing hundreds of millions of profiles that are actually useful means building countermeasures like search relevance to filter out skill spam. Quality and quantity must go hand-in-hand.

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Build Products as Dynamic as Humans

We’re leading the world in talent acquisition and identification by delivering products as dynamic as humans are. We proved our ability to deliver dynamic profiles with HiringSolved, whose constantly-updating records allow for revolutionary, ongoing analysis of everyone’s imprint on the web and world.

Our technology constructs a human graph for everyone we find. These footprints provide novel insights which make workforce analysis more transparent than ever and allow us to lead the world in talent delivery.

Initiate a Deep Tech Revolution in Hiring

We’re already leading the charge on the HR application front, but we didn’t come here just to build recruiting apps. We came to revolutionize the whole system. We’re developing products for a future where things like facial recognition and AI are a standard companion to recruiters in every industry.

Make no mistake: we are not a recruiting tech company. We’re a deep tech company whose eyes are set on the hiring industry. Most of the time we are thinking about how to improve the core foundational technology. Our tech-obsessed approach is what allows for the outgrowth of exciting new inventions that will shake the industry.

“I normally dislike having to source for candidates in our ATS – it’s just more complicated to use. Now, with HiringSolved, it is a breeze!”

Recruitment Sourcer | IBM

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