HiringSolved Offers Free Recruiting Automation Software to Teams Hiring for COVID-19 Response Efforts

We are thrilled to be offering our products including our flagship software, HiringSolved, and our sourcing tool, Prophet, free of charge to organizations recruiting for COVID-19 related efforts. We will be offering these products and our outstanding support services at no charge through the end of 2020. As we’re seeing companies rushing to address the … Continued

Leading a Diverse Team

When you’ve built a diverse team, it’s time to start leading them. When you’re working with a team made up of different demographic backgrounds, education backgrounds, and experience levels, it can feel like you’re not sure where to start to lead them effectively but bringing a few things into practice can make all the difference. … Continued

Transparent Scoring

Let’s build a situation: You’re a recruiter who gets 250 applicants per job and you’re currently handling 35 requisitions. You need to spend 5 minutes per applicant to decide if they’re a good fit. You would need to spend 730 hours (roughly 5 months of full-time work) to get through all of the applicants for … Continued

Working From Home for the First Time

Owing to the recent Covid-19 outbreak employees all over the world are working from home for the first time. In some cases, entire companies are implementing work from home policies and procedures. In other cases, people are being asked to work from home if they’re feeling ill. Even in areas where the virus hasn’t hit, … Continued

HiringSolved Wins Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology

HiringSolved, the leader in AI-powered software for recruiting and talent acquisition automation, today announced it won a Silver Award for Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology from the Brandon Hall Group. HiringSolved’s industry-leading Talent Intelligence platform transforms hiring by eliminating the overhead and busy-work involved in the talent acquisition process. HiringSolved works with a company’s … Continued

Recruiting Inefficiency and How to Change It

A few months back, we were shown this article from Forbes. Dawn Graham wrote about the broken hiring process and how it drains everyone involved from recruiters to job seekers. She shared her experiences of working as a corporate recruiter and her honesty was enthralling. It also got us thinking. The hiring process is currently … Continued

Automation and Productivity

It’s 2020. Like it or not, it’s time to get serious about how automation can improve productivity. Recruiters are facing an incredible amount of tasks and overwhelm in their everyday workflow and while automation can’t help with all of it, it can certainly cover some. To be productive at work it feels like you need … Continued