3 Ways to Help Your Team Deal with Uncertainty at Work

We’re not the only people who are highlighting how the COVID pandemic is causing uncertainty at work. Our main focus has been on how your team can effectively utilize automation and technology to manage application overload, but we want to look at what you can do as a Talent Acquisition leader to support your teams.

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The Effects of Uncertainty at Work

ERE recently released a new article all about how the pandemic is re-shaping hiring and they mentioned:

Seismic shifts in society caused by the pandemic’s fog of uncertainty mean that employers will have an expanded role in the financial, physical, and mental wellbeing of their employees.

Dr. Charles Handler, New Research Reveals How the Pandemic Is Re-Shaping Hiring

We could not agree more. Employers in every industry are starting to see the role they have in providing more than just a job for their employees.

When employees are faced with the amounts of change and uncertainty that events like COVID impart on their workday, it’s natural for their stress levels to rise. As a department leader, it’s also natural for you to wonder how you can keep your employees on track and supported.

Supporting Your Recruiting Team While Supporting Your Company

As a recruiting leader, you can feel like you’re being pulled in numerous directions. Part of you wants to align all of your focus on your employees, part of you has to be in decision-making meetings with executive leadership where you’re being told to keep news close to your chest, and you’re also a person yourself and trying to manage the stress you and your family are undergoing. We’ve compiled some suggestions to help.

Listen and Empathize

Giving your employees the space to express how they’re feeling and treating those feelings with respect and empathy is an excellent starting point. Some employees won’t be comfortable just talking and that’s okay. Listen to the other ways they express themselves. Some will be asking for more meetings to go over projects or brainstorm together while others may be going more quiet than usual. If you stay tuned into how your employees are reacting, you can adjust your support strategies to be personalized to them.

Share Any Information You Can

Don’t fall into the trap of avoiding sharing information! It can feel like you shouldn’t share things or add more things to your employees plates, but as a leader, employees need to hear the truth of situations from you. Like From Day One shared, “Offer small updates, even if the update is that you don’t have anything new to report. They show the team that they’re still a priority, even during a time of crisis.” There are, of course, things that you won’t be able to share with your team immediately, but if you are able to show your team that you are focused on sharing all you can they will feel more secure.

Learn Alongside Your Team

While your team will look to you for stability, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with explaining to your team that you’re learning how to handle this uncertainty at work right alongside them. In business, we often fall into the trap of seeing our managers and leaders as invincible and that can lead to having unrealistic expectations of them. By showing your team that you completely empathize with their fears while being willing to take the lead on building the certainty they crave, you’ll build an honest working relationship with them.

Be willing to learn from your team just like they are willing to learn from you. And remember to take care of yourself.

This is our time to reset and make the changes for the better that we need to make. The entire recruiting industry is working hard to get through this pandemic together. If we focus on caring for others as much as we would like them to care for us, we will get through the worst of it and be stronger as an industry.

What are you doing to support your employees during this time? Are you providing more time-off? Planning virtual happy hours? Let us know on Twitter!

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