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4 Ways Talent Redeployment Will Change Your Staffing Process

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Every day talent in your database is coming off-contract. They’ve been incredible in their position, their skills are extraordinary, and they’re ready to keep working – but your team has no idea that they’re ready for something new.

If your team doesn’t measure your redeployment rate, you’re not alone. But if, at best, teams are only redeploying at a 10 – 30% rate, you’re leaving money and skills behind.

The current solution? Institutional knowledge and messy, nearly unusable spreadsheets. 

Staffing teams rely on recruiters to simply know when talent is ready for a new role which puts undue pressure on recruiters leading to burnout and attrition. If your team is using a spreadsheet, the chances are that it’s too messy and complex for everyone to use. These ineffective processes mean that revenue, client satisfaction, and your organization’s reputation are on the line.

Let’s fix that.

What Is Talent Redeployment?

Did you hear about the new HiringSolved? Get caught up here. One of the features we’re most excited to share is the Talent Redeployment dashboard. 

Talent Redeployment is a live dashboard that gathers all the necessary information for contractors coming off contract to make matching them to new opportunities a breeze. Users can get notifications 30, 60, and 90 days out, so redeployment is prioritized and efficient – improving the contractor experience and increasing your bottom line.

Ultimately, it allows staffing teams, like yours, to become partners for a career, not just a contract.

How Talent Redeployment Changes Your Workflow

As the staffing industry faces a talent shortage, it’s becoming increasingly important to maximize your investment in your internal talent pool. Fancy words aside, you and your team need to redeploy talent to stay ahead.

Our newest dashboard will help in 4 key ways.

Aligned Requisition Priorities

It’s always better to get a qualified contractor back out on a job than to search for a new candidate. It’s better for your team’s efficiency and your bottom line. Talent Redeployment allows your team to prioritize their efforts effectively and accurately to keep your best talent working.

By adjusting the view of the dashboard, recruiters can get contractors closest to their contract end date into a new role and then work backward to make sure everyone for the next three months is ready to go.

Visualized Bottom Line

In addition to prioritizing requisitions, Talent Redeployment visualizes your at-risk revenue at the top of the dashboard. It’s in big red numbers. You can’t miss it.

Users can see the value of their efforts as that number goes down, and executives can feel confident that the financial success of your team is top of mind.

Decreased Institutional Knowledge

Too many staffing teams rely on institutional knowledge to lead their redeployment efforts. As employees’ mental health and burnout become more prevalent, it’s past time to provide tools that everyone on a team can use to be successful…without turning to the recruiter who has simply been there the longest to remember everything.

Tools like Talent Redeployment provide easy-to-use functionality to even the most junior recruiter on your team to get up to speed fast and allow everyone to remove something from their mental load. The dashboard gathers all the data and information needed to make an informed decision while the recruiter is in control the whole time.

Take Advantage of Earned Data

Everything we do here at HiringSolved is geared towards helping you use the data you’ve already collected in your database. We’ve found that 40-60% of requisitions could be filled immediately using candidates you already have. Still, that data often feels lacking between fruitless search, siloed sources, and messy data input. Talent Redeployment automatically shows you just how much is available to you.

Learn more about cleaning and utilizing your existing data on our post, The Basics of Data Normalization.

The Best Part

It’s available right now! Talent Redeployment is available in the HiringSolved suite, but it’s also available as a standalone tool. Get in touch with our team so we can learn more about your needs, and we’ll show you how Talent Redeployment can work your life easier.