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We have a fresh cut for this today’s luncheon reads. We put together something for an easy brown bag digest. We found the most important thoughts of the last week and put them in an easy format for you to sink your teeth into. Dunk your eyes into these hot reads before they get too cold to enjoy.

These 5 stories are our top picks for you to stay informed and sated for the rest of the week. This week is brought to you by precision, order, the human touch, and novel thinking.

#1 Editorial Calendar Tips, Tools, and Templates

This article by Jodi Harris covers the struggles of working in digital marketing and calendar tips to plan effectively. Since more recruiters are adopting a content-based approach to their recruitment schemes, we thought this article would help them find out how to make time for this.

It begins with a discussion about content ideation for some basics, but is primarily focused on ordering your days and setting appropriate publishing expectations.

The main section is great because it covers all the bases and provides a framework that anyone can implement. It helps to give content creators and managers a chance to think through each step of a content marketing campaign with a checklist including channels, format, assets, calls to action and more.

Best of all – it provides a calendar template you can totally rip off. After reading this piece, we’re already adopting some of the organizational parts that it recommends.

At the end It ties everything together with a pretty bow by providing some ideas on keeping your calendar happy and filled.

#2 Typpos Happenn

This is a short-and-sweet piece by Aaron Lintz for the sourcecon website that goes over typos and searching.

It has awesome tips on how to integrate typos into your search strings and even shows you a free typo generator tool to do it. Succinct and effective – this one won’t waste your time.

#3 Warning: This is Not Going to Work!

This piece reiterates the theme in recruiting lately which is to shift focus from finding the right people to engaging the right people. It’s kind of reminiscent of the conversation about candidate engagement from our recent hangout.

The common wisdom is that boring doesn’t work.

This piece is focused and compartmentalizes the key features of quality engagement into bite-sized chunks that are easily understood.

It includes elements like employee value proposition (EVP), personalization, storytelling, and face time.

It’s a good piece for recruiters who feel pride from hearing a candidate say the reason he joined the company was in large part due to YOU.

#4 7 Ways We Created the Current Talent Shortage

We love mavericks. Kevin Wheeler certainly meets the criteria in this piece about the assumptions that are widely part of hiring rhetoric today.

Wheeler argues that talent shortages don’t come from the commonly-held assumption that not enough people are in STEM.

In the article, he attacks the unnecessarily-high standards of common job requirements. He cites metrics where 39% of network support workers hold degrees while 60% of job postings require them.

He says that being overly-focused on academia for skills, GPAs as filters, and STEM specifics are holding us all back.

We’re too picky and lazy. Picky about the school someone must come from or the age a programmer must be, and lazy about teaching people on-the-job.

Biased decisions are driven by deluded status evaluations and everyone’s technophobic. Wheeler explains it all in this must-read piece.

#5 Wish You Were Here: Candidate Sourcing in a Fishbowl

This was not picked for Derek Zeller’s use of Pink Floyd imagery or even the quote from comedian Steven Wright. I must admit that Zeller has great taste however.

This piece starts with Zeller’s musings about new recruiters and the wisdom that comes with time.

If you don’t understand the restaurant tirade at first – stick through it. You’ll catch on. Keep your eyes on the fishbowl.

This is a story of how Zeller became the restaurant fishbowl kingpin on the surface, but there’s a larger lesson underneath.


This week continues to focus on engagement but plays with some discovery tips as well. It comes with the reminder that tips go stale after a while. Seasoned sourcers give warning to new people on staying sharp about inventive ways to acquire leads. Also: what we should be doing to keep our own biases in check and overcome some of the limitations that start with the self.