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7 Things To Do With Your ATS Data Today

There’s no better time to start cleaning up your ATS data than the start of a new quarter and a brand-new season. 

ATS data is the cornerstone of hiring decisions and can be an absolute gold mine for quality candidates. Still, many teams deal with messy, half-empty candidate records that make your job harder rather than easier. So we’ve put together 7 things that you can do today to set you on the right track to making your ATS the goldmine we know it is on the inside.

Import Any Info You’ve Saved on Your Personal Computer

Post-its, notebooks, personal computer files…there’s so much good data left out of the ATS because it’s locked on personal computers. Dig through all the secret locations where you store any info or notes and import it into your ATS. As you’re looking through your computer files, keep an eye out for outdated information that can be trashed. You might as well take care of two cleaning tasks at once!

Remember, institutional knowledge won’t help anyone, so making sure your information is accessible to you, and your team is always worthwhile.

Hunt Down and Update or Delete Outdated Data

Is there a pile of candidates you always ignore because you know the data is old or inaccurate? Ignore it no longer! You can reach back out to those that look good, but you need a little more info on or, if push comes to shove, just remove them.

It’s also good to look at your existing pipelines and talent pools and make sure all contact info and preferences are up to date.

Watch Data Health and Talent Acquisition

Nothing will motivate you to take care of your data more than knowing just how messy it is. After over ten years in the industry, we’ve seen the most chaotic of unorganized data. Shon Burton, our co-founder, is diving into it all in this webinar.

He’ll also dive into some longer-term suggestions to ensure your data doesn’t get messy again.

Watch the webinar here.

Reintroduce Yourself to What Your ATS Can (and Cannot) Do

When was the last time you read those product update emails your ATS vendor sends out? Knowing about the most recent updates can ensure you’re using their features to your advantage.

You can also reintroduce yourself to your customer success manager or team, and there’s no doubt they’ll be happy to walk you through the new features or answer any questions.

It may also be time for you to optimize what you’ve got. We can help with that.

Reread and Update Templates

Do you have any contact templates in your ATS? Using templates and automation is an incredible way to stay on top of a ton of work, but it can also set you up for some outdated messaging if you don’t keep an eye on what’s being sent out.

Review any of your existing templates and make sure they’re up-to-date if they’re not, dust off those skills and create some new ones.

Update Your Passwords

This one isn’t specifically about your data but protecting it.

Everyone has a different timeline for changing passwords, and your firm may even have some security requirements. Still, if it’s been a while, it’s time to update to something secure, hard-to-guess, and stored in something other than a post-it on the back of your desktop (like a digital password management system).

Build a New Data Entry Process

Review your application forms and make data integrity checks a core part of your quarterly reviews. The quickest way to make a difference is by using more drop-down or multi-choice selections. This helps keep the ATS from being cluttered with misspelled state names and open-ended certification explanations.

In the webinar we linked above, Shon has some tips from his decade of experience to make your incoming data more valuable than ever.

Cleaning up your ATS data can feel overwhelming, but taking it one step at a time and breaking down the tasks will make the job more manageable and sustainable.

And if you’re ready to dive deeper into your ATS, get in touch. We’re happy to help!