Some days as a recruiter can leave you downtrodden and defeated, but other days leave you with the high that keeps you going. It can be a tough profession, but you do it because you love it.

Be kind to yourself, celebrate the wins, have a laugh, and remember that you’re helping people live their best lives. You’ve got this.

2 AM: Wake up from a deep sleep remembering that candidate you forgot to add to your pipeline that you met at that coffee shop. Not be able to get back to sleep until you log in and add them.

6:30 AM: Alarm goes off. Stare at it with the heat of a thousand suns. Hit snooze. The alarm goes off again. Staring has yet to melt it, but keep trying regardless.

9:45 AM: Have a call with a hiring manager about a position they’re looking to fill. They’re not really sure what qualifications the candidate should have, but a culture fit is a must. They also don’t know what the salary will be yet. They do know they need someone with 5 years experience though, and yes, it’s an “entry-level” position.

12 PM: Eat lunch at your desk because you have another screening call in roughly 6 1/2 minutes.

12:15 PM: Get on the phone with a candidate about a Project Manager role. They were great on paper, but it’s your first time chatting on the phone. Then they mentioned that they really only want to work two days a week and they don’t understand why a six-figure salary is unattainable for the role.

2 PM: Holy cow…it’s happening. You can feel it. You’re on the phone with a candidate who is killing it. You’re emailing the hiring manager as you speak and telling them to go for it. By the time you’re finishing up the phone call, you hear back from the manager and are setting up the first interview.

4 PM: You’ve got 100 unread emails in your inbox, but it doesn’t even matter because you’re still riding the high of that last call. You know that this is going to be the winning candidate as long as no one messes it up. Today is a good day. You are amazing. Everything is fantastic. Let’s do this.

7 PM: Wait…did you ever call back that one guy?