AECOM Sources Candidates 3X Faster with HiringSolved

AECOM Sources Candidates 3X Faster with HiringSolved

Posted on January 28, 2020, by Devyn Hinchee

HiringSolved’s goal is to help make recruiters more productive. We give them the ability to use talent intelligence to make better recruiting decisions. Your data should work for you. It should be valuable and actionable, not a source of frustration.

Heather Thomas, HiringSolved’s Director of Customer Solutions, worked with AECOM to show how HiringSolved has optimized their recruiting strategy.

This whitepaper compares AECOM’s typical results with the HiringSolved results at each step of the search, from creating a candidate shortlist in only 20 minutes to boosting diverse candidates with a single click.

AECOM was able to transform the way that they recruit by implementing HiringSolved…what could you do with the right tools?

Click here to download the AECOM case study!

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