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An Intern’s Take on Gangplank

There is only one way to describe the atmosphere at Gangplank: relaxed and supportive. Casual Fridays are any day that ends in “y”; jokes are told both at the water cooler and across the office; a pirate flag is hung proudly in the office; and a Micheal Jackson song is played every Thursday at two o’clock. This is not the cubicle nightmare you hear about.

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Although Gangplank might sounds a bit off kilter, it has been one of the most enjoyable places I have every worked. This small community tucked away in downtown Chandler is just that… a community. Having trouble connecting to the internet? Ask the person closest to you. Can’t figure out how HootSuite works? Someone in the office does: ask around.  Post something funny on Facebook? There WILL BE someone in the office who appreciates it. Now, don’t get me wrong, my fellow Gangplankers are hardworking. But, goals are achieved in this office wearing flip-flops and t-shirts (something I can get on board with). And, because the goals of one are celebrated by all, support is bred into all Gangplank workers. If I can take one thing with me from my Gangplank experience, I hope to take the “be dangerous” motto. A motto I have enjoyed seeing put into action everyday over the past couple of months.
— Lara Creaser