Application Overload: What You Can Do to Prepare

Is your team ready for the application overload heading your way?

Application Overload: 3 Things You Can Do to Prepare

We created our newest white paper, How to Find the Right Candidates During a Talent Overload, to help you and your team prepare for the industry changes that you’ll be facing during and in the aftermath of this pandemic.

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For any recruiter who has faced a recession, the world we’re facing now probably feels familiar:

  • Unemployment numbers are hitting the highest we’ve ever seen
  • Job postings are receiving significantly more applications than normal
  • Hiring freezes are resulting in a decrease in job opportunities

While we can’t control hiring freezes or unemployment numbers, we can prepare for the number of applications coming your way.

How to Prepare for Application Overload

Increase Communication

When you’re looking at hundreds, if not thousands, of applications per job posting, you need to be well aware of what each position truly requires. Increase your communication with hiring managers to make sure that the requirements you’re working off of are accurate and reasonable.

Also make sure that you are communicating with your team to lend help where you can and get help where you need it. The best way to get through tough times is with the help of others. Even if it’s just for a quick 15-minute brainstorming session, increasing communication with your team can help everyone know that they aren’t alone.

Improve Search Capabilities

If your team can’t search effectively, they can’t recruit effectively. Teams need to have the right searching tools in order to sort through all of the application that they’re faced with.

We’re obviously fans of our own solution, HiringSolved, which you can learn about here. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can help you improve your search capabilities.

If you already have the right tools, you need to use your improved communication skills to make sure that your team knows exactly what they need to be searching for. Clear needs and requirements from the hiring manager are the number one thing recruiters need to know if they’ve found the right candidate.

Build a Personal Connection

When recruiters are dealing with application overload it’s just not possible to connect with everyone. But if requirements are made clear and search capabilities are updated, recruiters can focus where it counts: building a personal connection.

When recessions like the one we’re in hit, the candidate experience becomes even more important. Job seekers are discouraged, scared, and worried about their future. The right recruiter can make all of the difference in the world.

How to Find the Right Candidates During a Talent Overload

Making it easy for job seekers to apply is the first step to building that positive candidate experience and connection. Beyond that, it’s about using the right technological tools to give recruiters the time they need to build that relationship.

Our white paper, How to Find the Right Candidates During a Talent Overload, is an immersive look at how to handle application overload. Download it today!

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