Are You Using Your ATS Properly?

We’ve been talking recently about expectations and your ATS. In fact, we created this blog post and this one to talk about exactly that! But we’re not done talking about it.

How does your team use your ATS?

How does your team respond when you ask them to work within the ATS?

We have to be blunt here: If you are expecting your ATS to do anything other than hold and track applicant data, your expectations are off. When teams create an HR tech stack, it needs to be created with the efficiency of the tools in mind. ATSs help you store your applicant data. CRMs follow candidates through the hiring journey. The work that these two tools do is critical to your team’s success, but the chances are that they need more.

Let’s focus on searching for a moment. This is a clip from a recent webinar we hosted where Jackye Clayton, our Director of Customer Success, shared the different kinds of searches available in HR tech tools.

Understanding what sort of search your tools do can help you scale effectively when it comes time to solving problems. Most ATSs come with search functionality, the problem arises when that functionality is put to the test. If you’re team is running into issues with searching through their databases, you need to look for the tools that will solve those problems.

Your team needs to be able to easily and effectively search those systems. They need to understand the data behind the candidates within those systems. Talent Intelligence and HiringSolved can help with that.

If you’re ready to let your ATS focus on being an ATS and add tools that will triple your productivity, get in touch with our team.

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