4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Recruiting Software

The right recruiting software can mean the difference between a mediocre and an extraordinary recruiting team. But buying the right software can feel overwhelming. Do you need a new ATS? CRM? Should you be using video interviewing software? What about assessment tools?

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The Right Questions to Ask Before Buying Recruiting Software

Before you buy any new software, there are a couple of questions that you need to have the answers to. Gather everybody who will be involved in the decision-making process and let’s get to work!

“Is This the Right Recruiting Software for Us?”

What sort of setbacks are already happening in your recruiting process? To integrate the right solutions, you need to know where you and your team need help. Being clear about what you need makes it very easy to answer whether the tool or software you’re considering is the right one for you.

“What Does Success Look Like?”

We love asking this question! We ask it of ourselves and of the people we work with all the time. Attainable and long-term goals help define the path that you and your team go down and the steps that you need to take. When you imagine using the perfect software, what does success look like? What does it do for you and your team that you can’t do currently? Are there changes for the future that you can envision with this software?

“What Is the Integration and Implementation Process Like?”

How long will it take? What happens with your data? What does training and onboarding look like? The software vendor you work with should be able to outline the timeline and process for you. Be sure to confirm what sort of support and training is available even past the onboarding process.

We recommend looking for a vendor who will do more than simply hand you software. You should be looking for a partner in your goals and processes. They should be able to lead and guide you to make sure that their success is your success.

CTA: There’s nothing we love more than partnering with our customers to achieve even their wildest goals. Get in touch with us today to learn how HiringSolved can serve you.

“Will It Grow With Us?”

Your team isn’t going to stop growing anytime soon, so why should your recruiting software?

Beyond ensuring that your recruiting software vendor has plans to make their product better, confirm that as your team grows with new recruiters and new data that the software will keep up. What will training for new team members look like? What happens when you get an influx of applicants into your system? Your vendor should have an idea of how they can support you as you grow so you can grow with confidence.

Blue background with white text that reads: "Is this the right tool for us?" "What does success look like?" "What is the integration and implementation process like?" "Will it grow with us?"

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