How to Hire a Product Manager

A great product manager is a truly rare thing. They are all parts artist, craftsman, and scientist. They have a highly-trained eye for market fit. At a startup, they invent the conventions. They have to do every part of product execution. Ideation, launch, marketing, sales – all of it. And they usually have the fewest … Continued

HiringSolved Identifies Top Skills and Backgrounds That Make 2017’s Most Wanted Tech Employee

AI recruitment platform provides a snapshot of this year’s ideal Silicon Valley job candidate, serving as a hiring resource for both job seekers and recruiters CHANDLER, Ariz. – April 24, 2017 – HiringSolved, a technology company that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve problems for talent acquisition practitioners, applied this technology to identify the … Continued

How to Hire a Network Engineer

Network engineers are vital to any organization that handles a lot of sensitive data in-house. Network engineers are planners and they are often referred to as “network architects”. According to a recent study we will release later this month, Network Engineer is the #17 most likely job placement for 2017 tech hires. Network engineers handle … Continued

HiringSolved Adds 82 Million Profiles in Last 30 Days

HiringSolved Growing More Rapidly Than Ever It’s faster than ever too. The data center team has been doing extra hours with the development team to make the user experience on HiringSolved better than ever. Their most recent 30-day project added 82 million profiles to the site while increasing the search speed by 2x. TalentFeed’s overflowing data … Continued

How to Hire a Great Intern

Ah the intern. They provide equal potential for both success and major disappointment. Hire an intern to get ahead in the office, impart sage wisdom, or utterly waste your time. Hiring interns is a fantastic way to get your hands on young talent. In engineering particularly, the competition is so manic that tech giants will go … Continued

How to Hire a Great Physician Assistant

A Physician assistant is a vital element of the urgent care ecosystem. They help doctors and medical professionals power through the doldrum and monotony of office paperwork so they can get back to doing what they do best – helping people. They are in charge of the basics of care. They measure patient vitals, assemble medical … Continued

HiringSolved Selected as iTalent Competition Finalist

HiringSolved has been chosen as one of six finalists to participate in this year’s HRO Today Forum iTalent Competition, on May 4th at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. During the competition, candidates have exactly 7 minutes to pitch their product innovation before a live audience of global RPO, BPO, MSP, and HR leaders from the … Continued

5 Recruiting Stories for Sourcers to Have Lunch With

We have a fresh cut for this today’s luncheon reads. We put together something for an easy brown bag digest. We found the most important thoughts of the last week and put them in an easy format for you to sink your teeth into. Dunk your eyes into these hot reads before they get too … Continued

Augmented Reality, Our Data, and Your Face

Inside Robocog Labs At HiringSolved, we’re exploring how our existing technology can be adapted into a real-world Augmented Reality product. We’re in a unique position because of our potential to bridge our capabilities in people aggregation with augmented reality. We’re pushing through a brand new frontier in talent acquisition products. Our goal is to develop … Continued

Weekend Reads for Sourcers and Recruiters

image credit – Daria on Flickr Staying fresh on what’s happening in recruiting is imperative for a good sourcer. Finding the time to organize what’s worth reading and what isn’t can be a pain. Since you have better things to do, we went ahead and compiled the most important pieces from last week for a … Continued