Is Inbox Zero Really Worth It?

For years now, our email inboxes have been updating in the background of our lives filling up with everything from chain letters from aging parents to sales pitches. Every day that passes we can see the little number in the tab ticking upwards and upwards until all of a sudden there are 35,000 emails and … Continued

PROPHET II Easter Eggs You Should Know

This content was originally posted on the PROPHET II website here. If you didn’t know this yet, the PROPHET/HiringSolved team is made up of a bunch of old-school nerds. Our childhoods were filled with video games and their companion cheat codes and Easter eggs. So when our engineering team grew up and created PROPHET II, … Continued

The Digest #3: A Look at March

March has come and gone. April has been fantastic so far filled with springtime, PROPHET II updates, and more. Let’s take a quick look back though.   IN THE TALENT ACQUISITION WORLD   SourceCon Seattle We know, we know, we’ve mentioned SourceCon a lot, but we had a great time and it was wonderful to … Continued

Spring Cleaning at Work

Every Spring, it’s a natural human reaction to want to clear off the darkness from the winter and open every window in the house, office, and car to let in the sunshine. For a lot of people, spring cleaning also makes its way to the top of the to do list and that’s not without … Continued

Using Social Media for Recruiting and Sourcing

At his SourceCon Seattle keynote, Jason Roberts of Randstad Sourceright shared the 2019 State of Talent and Acquisition which got us thinking about the role that social media plays in sourcing and recruiting. According to the study, employers are prioritizing Facebook and LinkedIn alongside their corporate site in their searching and brand-building efforts whereas workers … Continued

What We’re Looking Forward to at SourceCon Seattle

SourceCon Seattle kicks off tomorrow, March 19th, and we’re going to be there! When we’re not at booth #110 showing off all that PROPHET II can do and answering any questions you may have about the public beta, we’ll be visiting some of the great sessions that are on the agenda like, Lessons From the … Continued

Level One: 4 Things to Look out for on a Resume

It’s time for the next installment of our Level One series! Did you miss the last one? Click here to check it out. As a recruiter, your new sworn enemy will be…resumes. Despite the years of progress that the recruiting industry has made, resumes continue to be one of the backbones of candidate research. You … Continued