Paving the Path to the Future of Work

Why we created Paths HiringSolved started because I was forced to do contingency recruiting. I was an unemployed engineer and my recruiter-friend talked me into it. I thought: “I’m an engineer, I’ll be recruiting other engineers” –it sounded like easy money! Boy was I wrong! We started out on contingency reqs to hire brilliant engineers … Continued

Exiting a market we helped create

WHY WE’RE LEAVING THE AGGREGATOR MARKET HiringSolved has always strived to build the best software possible. Due to changes in the market, we now believe that building the best possible aggregator is in conflict with our core values. Because of these changes, we have chosen to exit the aggregator market and focus on our automation … Continued

HiringSolved names Alex Wong as COO

Chandler, Arizona (October 1, 2018) — HiringSolved (Robocog, Inc), the leader in AI-based recruiting automation software, is proud to announce the arrival of Alex Wong in the newly formed position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Alex’s key responsibilities will be to identify and implement operational strategies, as well as develop and drive process discipline across … Continued


HiringSolved is almost 5 years old. It’s amazing to look back and see where we came from and where we are going. I’m thrilled to say that over the last 2 years we have made tremendous progress on almost every front. We have grown our team dramatically, greatly enhanced our technology, continued to build innovative products and … Continued

HiringSolved Introduces RAI, the First Artificial Intelligence Assistant for Recruiters

HiringSolved Introduces RAI, the First Artificial Intelligence Assistant for Recruiters The “Siri for recruiting,” RAI uplevels talent acquisition through unmatched targeting and efficiency CHANDLER, Ariz., September 27, 2016—HiringSolved, a technology company that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve problems for talent acquisition practitioners, has introduced RAI, an artificial intelligence assistant for recruiters. Pronounced … Continued

Talent Has A Genome

What if more people loved what they do? What if we could indicate how to make your current staff happier, healthier and more productive? What if ‘culture fit’ was quantifiable? What if we could understand the interaction of aptitude, attitude and environment? What if we could predict untapped potential in people? Could we use that knowledge … Continued

Candidates missing in some Jobs

Houston, we have problem. We messed up. We have discovered an issue that has affected certain candidates attached to “Jobs” in some HiringSolved accounts. If you noticed some or all candidates missing from one or more of your jobs, you have likely been affected by this issue. If you have been affected, please accept our sincere … Continued

HiringSolved 2.0 – New Search Tips

Good news everyone! HiringSolved 2.0 is here with over 4X more data and much more powerful search engine and expanded search syntax. Also, we’ve added several features which have been requested by our customers. New features include the ability to specifically search for: Education School, Degree, Year Graduated (or last year attended), Field of study … Continued

HiringSolved presents: A free Boolean Strings webinar with Irina Shamaeva

We’ve teamed up with expert sourcer, Irina Shamaeva to provide a free webinar on advanced search techniques. This is the first of what will become a monthly free webinar series on sourcing techniques. Follow @HiringSolved on Twitter to learn about upcoming expert sourcing webinars.   If you want to review the Powerpoint, head over to BooleanSolved … Continued