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Business Has Business Intelligence, Talent Needs Talent Intelligence

Image of an office table with the text "Business has BI, Talent has TI"

Have you heard of Talent Intelligence?

Business Intelligence has been playing a role in the business world for centuries…seriously, the first written record of the term itself was from the Cyclopaedia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes by Richard Devens in 1865. 

It wasn’t until nearly 100 years later that Business Intelligence as a theory worked its way into our modern business practices. Hans Luhn, an IBM researcher, furthered the conversation about Business Intelligence with his article, “A Business Intelligence System,” wherein he formally introduces the plan to create a system that can “accept information in its original form, disseminate the data promptly to the proper places and furnish information on demand.

Today, Business Intelligence is a standard tool and practice. We have tools that gather data from all corners of the internet, tools that visualize data to make it easily digestible,  and tools that predict where the business world is heading.

Why aren’t we applying this same theory to practices beyond business administration?

Think about the line item of your company’s budget that costs the most. Chances are it’s your employees. Most companies would be lost without the loyal teams that make the magic happen. Investing in the people at your company provides you with the stability you need to make the most sound choices.

Enter…Talent Intelligence.

Talent Intelligence applies the same principles of Business Intelligence to talent acquisition. It can collate and contextualize data about candidates to make that data valuable and actionable. Gone are the days of wondering if you’ve made the right hiring decisions. You now have the data to back up your strategies.  

Since the inception of recruiting, recruiters have been left scrambling to find the data they need to hire the right person. They’re attempting to search through an ATS, checking their CRM, emailing their co-worker to see if they’ve had any contact with the candidate, and trying to explain to a hiring manager that expectations may be unreasonable given the market…all while struggling to find the data they need. HiringSolved was built to change that.

HiringSolved brings Talent Intelligence to the recruiting process in ways it has never been before.
See it for yourself.

By investing in Talent Intelligence, recruiters can become talent advisors. They can become the people to ask to find out how many forklift operators are in Tacoma, WA. They’ll be able to find the right candidate in moments rather than months. They can become the successful hiring teams that you need to reach even your loftiest goals.

Talent Intelligence may feel new, but it’s the solution that recruiting teams have been calling for for years.