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How HiringSolved Works: Candidate-to-Job Matching

Recruiting and staffing is a people business. Good recruiters are often networking superheroes driven by supporting the people in their hiring lives. As Heather Thomas said, “Recruiting is and always has been the task of getting someone to join your group or corporation. It is a job filled with human interaction, influence, enlisting, connecting, and enrolling.” 

With this in mind, HiringSolved’s newest matching feature starts with the people and matches to the job. This ensures your focus stays where it belongs: on the people.

Candidate-to-Job Matching uses natural language processing to scour a candidate’s experience, resume, notes, tearsheets, and more to highlight their best roles directly on their profile.

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HiringSolved has always been intuitive and easy to use. Candidate-to-job matching is another step in ensuring that even your most junior recruiters can make placement faster.

Say goodbye to institutional knowledge and experience roadblocks, and hello to faster placements and more efficient recruiting teams!

Candidate-to-Job Matching uses HiringSolved’s 5-star rating system so you can feel confident knowing how a candidate ranks for a role and why. On each candidate profile, you’ll see the top 5 open positions where a candidate rates at a 3-star or higher.

This is just the newest feature in HiringSolved’s efforts to make sourcing new candidates directly from your ATS or CRM easier than ever before. We’d love to show you how HiringSolved works and how it can help you and your staffing team get the best out of your earned data.

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