Houston, we have problem.

We messed up.
We have discovered an issue that has affected certain candidates attached to “Jobs” in some HiringSolved accounts. If you noticed some or all candidates missing from one or more of your jobs, you have likely been affected by this issue. If you have been affected, please accept our sincere apologies for any loss in productivity that this may cause. We’re offering a free month of service to those who were effected by this issue.

What happened?
Long story short; we lost some data. The longer story is that after our settlement with Linkedin, we had 30 days to make HiringSolved compliant with the agreement. Since the 30 days was a drop-dead-date, we had to make several changes without testing. Mostly things went smoothly. Our engineering team has done a fantastic job executing a massive re-engineering effort in under 30 days with almost zero down time and minimal customer impact. However, we did lose some data related to job-to-candidate relationships. Our team predicted this could be an issue but we did not have time to build a workaround before the deadline.

Now what?
We’re offering a free month of service to those affected by this issue. Call us at (415) 625-911 or email us here to arrange your free month!

As always, we thank everyone for their support of HiringSolved!