Common Problems with HR Tech Adoption and How to Fix Them

Finding the right technology, getting your team on board, adopting it into your everyday work life…it can be a bit overwhelming and you could run into problems every step of the way.

There are some problems that we see time and time again and we’ve got the solutions for you.

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Problem: Buying tech just to buy new tech
Solution: Don’t do that. If you’re buying new tech, you need to do a thorough amount of research. Look into the problems that your team is currently facing, then look at the software solutions that might be possible. By personalizing your research, you’ll be able to find the software solutions that work for you rather than the ones that are just new and shiny.

Problem: Getting your team on board
Solution: Hold a team-wide meeting either with a rep from the software or with someone from the team who knows what they’re talking about to showcase exactly how the tech is going to help. Point out the particular pains that the team is having and show how the tech is going to solve it. Do a run-through of the software from start to finish on a requisition so that the team can actually see what help the tech is going to provide

Problem: Lack of training
Solution: Taking the time to train your team appropriately is well worth the investment. Whether this is something you can do on a team-wide level or if you prefer to work one-by-one, whatever works for you is great, but keep the training at the forefront of your implementation. Let your team ask any questions that pop up and keep the lines of communication open as they work through using the tech. Keep up with weekly meetings until everyone feels comfortable. There’s literally no downside to investing in your team.

Problem: Troubleshooting
Solution: We know that using tech is an ongoing process of learning, so it’s really common to have problems that pop up months or even years after you’ve implemented new tech. Keep in touch with your Customer Success Manager and maybe even set up standing meetings on a regular basis so you can get any questions answered and new tips on how best to use the software. Utilize the support that is provided to you as a customer!

Problem: Measuring success
Solution: Measuring success is something that you have to do when implementing new technology because you need to know what’s working and what’s not and the only way to do that is to measure and listen to your team. No matter what your success metric is, make sure that your whole team is on board with measuring in that way and make sure that everyone is keeping track as they need to.

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