6 Steps to Creating Your Perfect Recruiting Process

As we move into this new year, a common question is, “How do we make this year better?” While many things are out of our control, what your recruiting process looks like could be more manageable than it currently feels.

According to recent surveys, “close to 70% of organizations that have furloughed or laid off employees during the COVID-19 pandemic will backfill roles that were eliminated (68%), even with hiring freezes (40%) being the most important cost-saving initiative to organizations during the pandemic to date.” (Source) Alongside an expected upturn in hiring, our own research is showing that recruiters have been facing 3 – 10X more applications for each position since the onset of COVID.

With more hiring and more applications, how can you and your team build a stable recruiting process for the new year?

Audit Your Current Recruitment Process

Every change should begin with really looking at where you’re beginning. What metrics do you currently track? How are they doing? How seamless is your current recruiting workflow? What complaints have team members made in recent weeks and months? Don’t be afraid to open the lines of communication and give teams the power to speak their truths. Quality communication and active intention will be the reason these changes are lasting.

Understanding where you’re at will allow you to make a prioritized list of changes and goals for moving forward.

Set Specific and Attainable Goals

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When you imagine your ideal recruiting process, what does it look like? Who is involved in which steps? What metrics are you tracking and which ones are your priority? When you’ve looked at what is important to you and your team, you can better set effective goals.

A prioritized list of goals is a great way to start off the new year! Alongside each goal be sure to add some action steps that can be taken quickly to set you on the right path. Personally, I like to set a goal and then set at least three benchmarks with each goal to make sure that I have a clear path to reach my goals.

When setting goals, make them as specific as possible. Instead of, “Improve Candidate Experience,” try something like, “Increase Candidate Experience Scores by 50%” and begin to send surveys to all of your candidates to ensure you’re hitting the right metrics.

If It Can Be Changed Today, Change It

Many changes take time to make, but there are often small but impactful changes that you can make today. One of the ways to make a poignant change is to update job postings and job descriptions. Katrina Kibben over at Three Ears Media has some excellent suggestions over on their site here. (I’m particularly partial to their post about building inclusive job postings.)

Just because changes can be done quickly doesn’t mean they’re not worthwhile. Take a look at the prioritized list you’ve made and look at what adjustments you can make today.

Implement the Right Recruiting Software

Too many recruiting teams are being stuck by ineffective tools. It’s 2021 and it’s time to make sure that you’re using technology that is valuable, effective, and necessary. Just like you’ve audited your recruiting process look at how the tools you use play a role in your success. The right recruiting software can help you hit your training goals faster, invest in the humanity of your team, and automate overwhelming tasks.

If you’re ready to see how the right recruiting technology can transform your recruiting process for the better, we can help!

Engage Hiring Managers in the Recruiting Process

Hiring Managers are a part of the recruiting process whether they’re actively involved or not. So how can you engage them effectively? We talk a bit more about bridging the communication gap on the blog here, but it ultimately comes down to this: Open communication between recruiters and hiring managers could be the secret to a seamless hiring journey.

Hiring managers should be completely in the know about the process so they can trust recruiters to take over. Meanwhile, recruiters should be asking good questions and getting to the crux of what a hiring manager is looking for from the start.

Constantly Assess and Grow

Lasting changes often aren’t a one-and-done situation. Effective growth requires reassessment, but taking the time to adjust when it’s needed will be key to your perfect process. Pick times throughout the year to reassess where you’re at to ensure that you’re constantly keeping an eye on your goals.


Creating your perfect recruiting process relies on honestly assessing where you’re at, opening communication, and constantly appraising where you’re headed. Lasting change can take time, but if you make an effort to make small changes whenever you can you’ll hit your goals.

Summary of the 6 steps to take: Audit your current recruitment process, set specific and attainable goals, if it can be changed today, change it, implement the right recruiting software, engage hiring manages, and constantly assess and grow

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