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Customer Story: Green Key Resources

Brandon Hall Group Gold ribbon award for Excellence in Future of Work

In August, we got to celebrate a significant win alongside Green Key Resources as we won a Gold HCM Excellence Award from Brandon Hall Group for our work together. Green Key Resources was founded in 2004 to create connections between their recruiters, candidates, and the clients they serve. In late 2020, we joined forces to assess their existing tools and expertise before implementing a customized artificial intelligence solution.

Executive Summary

Green Key Resources implemented HiringSolved in late 2020 to streamline manual processes. Their goals included normalizing and unifying data, automating resume review procedures, augmenting search speed and accuracy, and supporting automated candidate matching. Within weeks of engaging HiringSolved, Green Key retired their in-house searching solution in favor of this AI-powered approach, resulting in substantial time and budgetary savings.

What Green Key Was Looking For

Green Key Resources logo

Working together with Green Key’s CTO, Dave Singh, our first goal was to decode their goals and business needs.  They were looking for “one search tool to rule them all.”

Green Key needed a Google-like tool to search all their databases and candidate data in one interface. They needed their team to be as efficient and effective as possible. And they needed the right technology to make it happen.

It was also important to continue utilizing their hard-won internal databases and systems. With their existing tech stack and their candidate sourcing locations like Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and more, they had plenty of available data – they simply needed to be able to access it all quickly.

Initial Solution and Turning to HiringSolved

At first, Green Key decided to build an in-house solution to ensure they got everything they needed in a tool. They tasked their technical team members to take charge and create a solution. They realized that managing their solution wasn’t sustainable or aligned with their needs as time went on.

Image of HiringSolved logo sitting on top of existing systems including the ATS, CRM, and HRIS and outputting Search and Match, AI-Powered Automation, and Talent Intelligence

Green Key thoroughly researched numerous solutions before landing on HiringSolved. Our approach to users being partners and collaborators in their own systems appealed to Green Key. We had already seen how dedicated they were to implement the right tools for success—knowing that we knew that they would be a perfect partner.

We ran a pilot for five months to ensure success and test out the relationship and the tool. Green Key put HiringSolved to the test by asking recruiters to search as usual and then search in HiringSolved. This allowed for a side-by-side comparison. The results were truly impressive, and key to our Gold Brandon Hall Group award win.

Impact and Results

The overall impact of implementing HiringSolved? Green Key Resources increased their search speeds and accuracy and gave their team the power to make more placements.

HiringSolved’s AI and talent intelligence sourcing capabilities allowed Green Key to streamline multiple manual processes, including normalizing and unifying data, automating resume reviewing procedures, augmenting search speed and accuracy, and supporting automated candidate matching.

Implementing with HiringSolved and retiring their in-house solution saved Green Key $200,000 in ongoing costs in maintenance. 

Within the first two months of using HiringSolved, Green Key reported a 33% shorter time to submit candidates. On an individual basis, HiringSolved was able to save users 2 – 3 hours per day. When asked about HiringSolved’s AI search functionality, Green Key’s Dave Singh shared that before HiringSolved, it often took 10 minutes or more per search to find accurate results. HiringSolved can perform a more thorough search in a fraction of the time, returning more accurate candidates in just 4 seconds. Green Key can improve the candidate experience by responding to applicants and candidates quicker with these budget and time savings. With increased search speeds and multiple hours in the day given back to recruiters, the Green Key staff can spend more time building quality relationships with candidates and clients alike.

Bar graph comparing search speeds as usual versus HiringSolved

The Future Together

These results reminded us just how important it is for staffing teams to have the right technology. With the proper support, staffing teams are unstoppable. The Gold Brandon Hall Group award win was the cherry on the top when celebrating this partnership.

Neil Bryson

When asked about the partnership between Green Key and HiringSolved, Neil Bryson, President of HiringSolved, shared, “Building this partnership with Green Key Resources has been an incredible source of pride for the HiringSolved team and for those efforts to be recognized by Brandon Hall Group validates HiringSolved’s value proposition for staffing organizations—solidifying our role as a must-have in any firm’s tech stack.”

And Dave Singh, Chief Technology Officer at Green Key Resources, commented, “Our relationship with HiringSolved has brought our tech stack to the next level. I’m excited to keep working with their team and further enhancing and pushing our recruiting tech.”

Moving forward, we’re excited to continue to support Green Key Resources and its incredible mission to build connections. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!