Exiting a market we helped create


HiringSolved has always strived to build the best software possible. Due to changes in the market, we now believe that building the best possible aggregator is in conflict with our core values.

Because of these changes, we have chosen to exit the aggregator market and focus on our automation products like TalentFeed+ and our new Recruiting Automation Platform, HiringSolved R6.

IMPORTANT: We will be operating and maintaining our aggregator products through Q1 2021 but we will not be selling or renewing annual enterprise contracts from this point forward.

Below is a podcast with our VP, Customer Experience, Jeremy Roberts discussing the move on the Chad and Cheese podcast.


HiringSolved is one of the main companies that started the “people aggregator” market along with OpenCV/Dice OpenWeb , TalentBin, Entelo, and Gild. In 2012 there was a lot of value in simply providing an improved talent search (software / UI) and combining data from multiple sources.  In the early days of HiringSolved, contact information was sparse, with only about 5-10% of profiles having any sort of email or phone information and those profiles were ones where the individual prominently displayed their contact info on the profile itself. Links to the source information were considered valuable and the speed and ease of the software of use increased that value for HiringSolved customers.

In 2015, our investors suggested that we write a code of conduct to help us navigate this new world of Big Data and aggregated open web information. We spent a good amount of time understanding our place in the market and our responsibility to our users, customers, investors, and the people whose information we collected. We then created a code of conduct, which we still operate by today.

In 2016, based on customer requests, HiringSolved analyzed the data acquisition methods required for mass collection (and aggregation) of personal emails and phones and found that it was technically trivial, and not illegal. However, we felt that doing so would violate our code of conduct in multiple ways. Further, unlike public data and social links, we feel that this level of PII is too invasive and has too much risk and potential for abuse.

Instead of working on mass data collection, we built RAI and in 2017 we conducted our first Candidate Facing Experiments, using a Facebook bot to engage with prospective candidates directly and talking to them about jobs. We learned a ton and we’ve been working ever since on our Next Big Thing.


Today, with the changes in law, privacy concerns, easy availability of mass amounts of PII, and the expectations of users, we are announcing that we are moving in a different direction. We believe the aggregator market is now a race to the bottom. Instead of following that path, we will innovate and change the game.

Our name is HiringSolved and that is our mission. To live up to our name we knew we would need build candidate-facing experiences and applications. We have been working on bringing the power of HiringSolved to the job seeker. If you’d like a sneak peek at our next big thing, click here.

Again, we will be taking care of our customers and ensuring that our aggregator products work well throughout Q1, 2021. Our goal here is not to rip anything away but to communicate our larger strategy and be open about where we see the market heading. If you’d like to speak in person about this change please email us: support@hiringsolved.com, we would love to chat with you about it.

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