Find Candidate Matches Quickly with Transparent Scoring

Matching the right candidate to the best position is the key to building a productive and successful workforce. Unfortunately, making those matches is anything but easy. It can take recruiters years to hone the skills they need to quickly and accurately match candidates and open positions. Unfortunately, many teams don’t have those years, and they need results now. That’s where Transparent Scoring and automated candidate matching comes in.

The Current Matching Process

Currently, the candidate matching process relies nearly entirely on manual effort. Applicants have to apply for the correct position for them. Recruiters need to coordinate those applicants to the actual correct position (whether it’s what they applied for or not) and then work together with hiring managers and teams to qualify candidates effectively. 

Let’s say you’re a recruiter, and you are working on 30 active requisitions. With the recent changes in the job market, you’re fielding 350 applicants per position. It takes you roughly 2 minutes per applicant to decide if they’re the right fit for a position. You would spend 350 hours reviewing every single applicant. With the right tools, you can manage this same workload in just 2 minutes.

That doesn’t account for fielding calls from hiring managers or sourcing from internal candidate data. What happens if none of the applicants qualify? You’ll end up back at square one! 

It’s a long process that can build incredible teams, but many recruiting teams simply don’t have the hours in the day to do it all themselves.

Effectively using intelligent recruiting automation is key to saving time and staying on budget. Reviewing resumes is a critical part of the recruiting process, but the more time teams spend looking at PDFs, the less time they can focus on building relationships and proactively growing.

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Transparent Scoring and How It Works

HiringSolved’s Transparent Scoring is, quite simply, an instantaneous and automatic candidate scoring process that compares an applicant’s experience to the needs of any job to find candidate matches quickly. It does what a recruiter does with years of experience and training automatically with a minimal learning curve.

Image of Transparent Scoring dashboard in HiringSolved

Through every step of the process, the user (recruiter) remains in control. When the user inputs the must-have and nice-to-have requirements, the system will score applicants per those needs. If the needs change, the user can update them at any time, and HiringSolved will immediately rescore and deliver the most qualified applicants.

As the user interacts with HiringSolved, the intelligent automation learns. By taking an active role in using HiringSolved, the system becomes even better, and the benefits continue to grow.

When fully implemented, HiringSolved can save users at least 25% of their week with automated searching and matching capabilities. Alongside the time savings, recruiting teams can feel certain that the sourcing quality is second-to-none with a 96% search accuracy rate. By using recruiting automation to augment your exceptional recruiting team, you can find candidate matches quickly.

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