HIREconf: What We’re Looking Forward To

HIREconf: What We’re Looking Forward To

Posted on August 27, 2019, by Devyn Hinchee


We’re only a few weeks away from HIREconf 2019! We’re excited, we’re crossing off the days on our calendar, we’re packing way too early…we’re ready.

For those of you who don’t know, HIREconf is a conference that we host in New York City where experts all across the HR Tech industry come together and share all of their secrets to success. From sourcing to recruiting to employer brand, they cover it all.

If you’re interested in learning more about some of our speakers, we have a blog series over on the HIREconf blog called the Speaker and Session Spotlight which we’d recommend checking out here!

Since we’ve got the speaker schedule set, we wanted to share just a couple of the amazing sessions that’ll be on stage.

The Diversity Recruiting Maturity Model

While most companies embrace the idea of diversity recruiting, they do not have a roadmap to help them get started, measure their progress or drive an industry-leading diversity recruiting program. In light of this challenge, what does one do?

Jackye Clayton (HiringSolved), Katee Van Horn (Bar the Door Consulting), Stan Kimer (Total Engagement Consulting), Joe Gerstandt (speaker, author, advisor and overall D&I expert) and Julie Sowash (Disability Solution) brought their expertise together to create a Diversity Recruiting Maturity Model to help guide these programs.

Trust us, this one is going to be a game-changer.

Swiping Left for Gray Hair?

In just five short years, HALF of the working population will be over the age of 55. As our conversation finally turns to how to make everyone feel welcome in the workforce, age discrimination is making its way to the forefront. It’s time to start looking at how employers can be open to candidates of all kinds. Jo Weech will be tackling the subject head-on!

Crash Course on Tech Recruiting

There’s a lot of conferences out there that do a fantastic job of big-picture changes, but we wanted to make sure that HIREconf attendees walk away with actionable steps they can take to make their workdays better. Alison Daley will be giving you those exact steps and tools you need to take and use to be successful with tech professionals.

EB in the Age of Automation

Spoiler alert: automation doesn’t solve all of your employer brand problems. In fact, it could cause more problems if you don’t know how to use it properly. James Ellis will be on stage telling you exactly how you can use automation to help instead of hinder your EB journey.


If we’ve sparked your interest and you’d like to make your way to New York for HIREconf 2019, you can purchase tickets here: https://www.hireconf.com/.

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