Good news everyone! HiringSolved 2.0 is here with over 4X more data and much more powerful search engine and expanded search syntax. Also, we’ve added several features which have been requested by our customers. New features include the ability to specifically search for:


  • School, Degree, Year Graduated (or last year attended), Field of study and more.

For example, to search for recent grads, we can search for candidates who finished school in 2010 or later by using this term in the search:


We can also search for specific schools and degrees. For example: OR bachelor* and finance)

The above line will find people with a BS in finance. We can also get more specific and combine school and degree like this: OR BA OR bachelor*) OR yale OR stanford)

This string above will yield people with a Bachelor degree from either Harvard, Yale or Stanford.


  • Current Title, Past Title, Years of Experience,

For example, the line below will find software engineers who have worked at Microsoft and attended school at either MIT, CMU, Stanford, Berkeley, or Urbana:

exp.title:("software engineer" OR developer OR coder) OR CMU OR stanford OR berkeley OR urbana)

New Fields

Most of our new search options come in the form of new searchable fields, allowing you to hone your search by using syntax like the examples above. In the next few weeks we will be adding User Interface elements to the search to make it easier to use tour powerful search technology. Here’s a partial list of searchable fields in HiringSolved:


  • name:
  • title:
  • location:
  • resume:
  • profiles:
  • phones:
  • emails:
  • websites:


  • edu.field_of_study:
  • edu.grade:
  • edu.description:
  • edu.start:(date)
  • edu.end:(date)


  • exp.title:
  • exp.location:
  • exp.description:
  • exp.start:(date)
  • exp.end:(date)

Only the last education

  • last_edu.degree_level:
  • last_edu.field_of_study:
  • last_edu.description:
  • last_edu.start:(date)
  • last_edu.end:(date)

Only the last experience

  • last_exp.title:
  • last_exp.location:
  • last_exp.description:
  • last_exp.start:(date)
  • last_exp.end:(date)
Happy hunting!