HiringSolved Adds 82 Million Profiles in Last 30 Days

HiringSolved Adds 82 Million Profiles in Last 30 Days

Posted on November 17, 2016, by Christopher

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HiringSolved Growing More Rapidly Than Ever

It’s faster than ever too.

The data center team has been doing extra hours with the development team to make the user experience on HiringSolved better than ever. Their most recent 30-day project added 82 million profiles to the site while increasing the search speed by 2x. TalentFeed’s overflowing data became more bounteous and blazing speeds were set further ablaze.

The additional profiles were constructed using professional data on the web, user-submitted content, and predictive algorithms.

Along with the addition in profiles, engineers performed a refresh on the hundreds of millions of existing profiles. Now everyone’s data is completely up to date.

To double search speeds, the data center team worked diligently and replaced all spinning drives with solid-state flash drives.

The search engine just had it’s most major upgrade ever, and the team is just getting started.


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