Revealed at HR Tech 2018, R6 makes it seamless for recruiters to rank, source and communicate with top talent within the AI talent sourcing platform

CHANDLER, Ariz., September 19, 2018HiringSolved, a technology company that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve problems for talent acquisition practitioners, has debuted R6, the newest version of its AI-based talent-sourcing software, introducing new features for scoring, discovering and communicating with qualified candidates and applicants. RAI (Recruiting Artificial Intelligence), the first Siri-like artificial intelligence assistant for recruiters that can be communicated with in writing and verbally, is a significant component of R6, helping recruiters be even more productive and efficient at their jobs. The beta version of R6 will be available in Q4 2018.

Built upon HiringSolved’s TalentFeed search engine, R6 includes new and improved features, including:

  • Jobs: Adding onto the automated matching functionalities seen in HiringSolved’s previous platform (R5), Jobs provides superior job-description-to-candidate-matching capabilities. Using a new Scoring option, it stack ranks candidates based on the criteria of the job description, ranging from five stars (indicating a “hard match” for everything on the description and many of the supplemental “nice to have” skills) to one star (indicating someone who’s not a fit for the role). Jobs provides recruiters with a manageable and compliant way to parse through every candidate that applies for each position. Each time a customer posts a job, it’ll automatically appear on R6 and score the candidate.
  • Pipelines: This is where recruiters can start a pipeline workflow for guided candidate discovery. For instance, recruiters can use RAI to set up certain parameters for a role (i.e., location requirements, job titles, must-have skills, education, etc.). At the end of the pipeline, R6 will show how many candidates are in a company’s application database based on these set qualifications. The goal is to solve the issue of companies sitting on a wealth of data but not recognizing what’s available, automating the process of searching one’s own applicant database.
  • Messaging: Recruiters can now send automated messages to their entire pipeline using RAI. Recruiters can say to RAI, “send an email to everyone who didn’t get the job” and RAI will either send an automatically generated email which can be manually customized. Messages can be used with or without RAI’s automation features, removes the tedious task of emailing a large group of people, and provides analytics like email opens, clicks and unsubscribes for further data-driven insights.

“Hiring needs and practices keep evolving, and the more automated the process becomes, the more untapped troves of data we’re inevitably sitting on,” said Shon Burton, co-founder and CEO of HiringSolved. “We built the R6 framework with this in mind, making it even more seamless for recruiters to remove the tedious aspects of their roles so they can focus on the human interaction elements. AI is completely reshaping the formerly archaic recruiting industry and this new software framework focuses on areas that desperately require automation, making recruiters’ lives easier by using data to rank, source and communicate with top talent to meet their organizations’ staffing goals.”

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