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HiringSolved Identifies Top Skills and Backgrounds That Make 2017’s Most Wanted Tech Employee

AI recruitment platform provides a snapshot of this year’s ideal Silicon Valley job candidate, serving as a hiring resource for both job seekers and recruiters

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CHANDLER, Ariz. – April 24, 2017 – HiringSolved, a technology company that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve problems for talent acquisition practitioners, applied this technology to identify the most in-demand skills required for the 2017 technology job market. As the industry becomes increasingly competitive due to a larger supply of qualified talent than available roles, recruiters are on the hunt for the idyllic candidate whose resume demonstrates they have the skills and background to help maintain the company’s competitive advantage.
The aim of the study was to identify which skills have the highest market value in the technology jobs market by analyzing the candidates who were hired or promoted to new roles in 2016 and early 2017. This provides a transparent look into what characteristics these hires possess – which is more telling for prospective job seekers than a standard employer job description. It offers a first-hand view into which specific skills are most in demand, what high-tech recruiters are looking for in applicants, and what schools these candidates typically hail from.
Using RAI, HiringSolved’s proprietary artificial intelligence software, the company aggregated data from over 10,000 public social profiles to paint this picture. Analyzing candidate backgrounds with varying levels of experience, from new-grads to experienced hires, HiringSolved has created a valuable guide for both new graduates and more experienced jobseekers in 2017, as well as a resource for enterprise recruiters who are looking for the best candidates for their organization.

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The research suggests that if a recruiter could build the ideal technology job candidate for the 2017 hiring season, they would possess one or more of these top ten skills:

  1. Python – A core language for data science which continues to be a mainstay for backend web application development
  2. Java – Consistently one of the most used languages in e-commerce and business applications as well as the foundation of Android applications
  3. Cloud Services – This meta skill allows for building and maintaining cloud-based applications that can be deployed quickly and scaled elastically
  4. Linux – The preferred operating system for engineers and programmers, Linux is the backend of most of the top 100 websites
  5. JavaScript – The language of interactivity on the web, with more lines of Javascript written each day than many of the top languages
  6. SQL – The standard for storing and retrieving data in an application, the Standard Query Language is the main pillar of the relational database systems that most apps are built on
  7. Matlab – Devoted to applied mathematics and used heavily in science and engineering
  8. HTML – All webpages and many apps use HTML, making it a required skill for doing almost anything that touches the web or displays web formatted information
  9. Perl – A staple and versatile scripting and data extraction language, it’s traditional popularity and presence in legacy web code is a reason why it’s still a requirement for many jobs
  10. Go – A relatively new language created by Google with a reputation for low latency

HiringSolved also compiled the leading alma maters based on volume (of all levels of hires) made by the top 25 Silicon Valley companies in the past year. The top ten include:

1. University of California, Berkeley 6. Georgia Institute of Technology
2. Stanford University 7. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3. Carnegie Mellon University 8. San Jose State University
4. University of Southern California 9. University of California, San Diego
5. The University of Texas at Austin 10. Arizona State University

With graduation around the corner, aspiring applicants are brushing up their resumes and may not know which skills and internships to highlight that will make them stand out. HiringSolved examined which skills are the best indicators of successful entry-level job placement in 2017 tech:

1. Python 6. Verilog
2. C++ 7. JavaScript
3. Java 8. Linux
4. Algorithms 9. HTML
5. Matlab 10. Gem5

HiringSolved predicted the most likely job titles for new graduate applicants entering the tech space:

1. Software Engineering Intern 6. Member of Technical Staff
2. Software Engineer 7. Business Analyst
3. Business Development Consultant 8. Brand Ambassador
4. Research Intern 9. Marketing Intern
5. Product Specialist 10. Financial Analyst

“Our research suggests that in addition to specific skills and educational backgrounds, Silicon Valley is looking for a strong fundamental understanding of the basics of technology in their new hires” said HiringSolved co-founder and CEO Shon Burton. “Often what separates say, a good engineer from a great one, is a knack for understanding the baseline ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of how things work – the physics of the technology. Having a deeper, more well-rounded comprehension makes a great engineer because they’re thinking creatively and when the technique fails, they have the ability to fix the issue. This is the key to a desirable Silicon Valley job candidate.”

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