Hitting Your Training Goals Faster with HiringSolved

How do your teams reach their training goals?

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For many companies, training is an unfortunate necessity. It would be wonderful to be able to set new employees loose and have them return incredible results, but thorough training is the best way to provide the support that employees need to be successful.

In fact, Business Insider recently reported, “A new survey found a third of employees who quit their jobs did so because they didn’t learn new skills or better performance.” But how can you as a leader provide that training and support while still hitting goals? Let’s talk it over!

Non-Intuitive Technology: What Problems Does It Pose

In the technology world, there are two words that pop up a lot: intuitive and non-intuitive. Intuitive technology is technology or software that has a friendly interface and is easy-to-use to even the most inexperienced person. Non-intuitive (or sometimes unintuitive) technology is the exact opposite. Google is a good example of intuitive technology with its simple search interface that most people can pick up automatically, whereas something like an ATS or CRM is an example of a non-intuitive technology.

There is a place for both intuitive and non-intuitive technologies in your tech stack. After all, there’s nothing wrong with using tech that works that requires a little more training to utilize. But if you’re aiming to train your employees quickly, intuitive technology will give you that result quicker.

Non-intuitive technology often takes a long time to train on and an exponentially longer time to become an expert in. It can also pose a problem when it comes to creating standardized work processes as a lot of users will begin to create their own shortcuts to work through the system effectively.

What We Created To Help You Achieve Your Training Goals

HiringSolved was created by recruiters, for recruiters. We come from a background of being frustrated with non-intuitive technologies slowing down or blocking the recruiting process. So we got together with some of the best software engineers out there to create a solution. HiringSolved pulls together non-intuitive technologies and makes them significantly more actionable and easy-to-use.

Our goal has always been to create a product that takes very little time and effort to get people using it.

How We Help Teams Hit Their Training Goals Faster

While training and learning is a critical part of success, we don’t want teams to be stuck in the phase for long. We want our tools to be easy to understand, easy to implement and begin to prove their worth quickly.

Unified Search

One of the most important features we implemented was our unified search capabilities. HiringSolved is able to gather all of your existing candidate data and gives your team the power to search through every single profile using one interface. Gone are the days of bouncing around to different tools! We created Guided Search, Expert Search, and our Resume Match so users can search in any way that they prefer. Guided Search utilizes defined keywords, Expert Search allows users to copy in Boolean strings, and Resume Match lets users drag and drop in a successful resume to find similar candidates.

USER TIP: You can also drag and drop a job description to find qualified candidates in seconds.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Our Engineering and Product team is dedicated to creating simple to understand tools that anyone can login and use. 

We work tirelessly to perfect the workflow throughout our software so that everything is clear on the user’s end. We believe that every user should be able to easily understand what steps they need to follow to be successful.

This easy-to-use interface is made up of features like labels, real-time analytics updates, and suggested searches.

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Customer Support and Success

Even with our easy-to-use interface and simplified search abilities, training is still important! We will work with your team every step of the way to make sure they can use HiringSolved quickly and easily…enabling you to hit your training goals faster and easier than ever before.

We provide training calls for your entire team to learn together and we are always available to provide support to individual team members. We’ve even recently implemented in-app training guides to help train users in their own time.

Ultimately, we want to see recruiting teams implement tools that are easy to use so they can hit their hiring goals faster!

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