How Much a Recruiter Can Do Versus How Much They Should

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Are you optimizing your recruiting efficiency?

Recruiters and sourcers are some of the most passionate employees out there. They will move heaven and earth to get their candidates hired. Their dedication to their jobs is second to none. Unfortunately, this passion often translates to recruiting teams working exceptionally long hours and diminishing returns on quality of work, not to mention the overwhelming risk of burnout.

Even though recruiters have proven they can handle all of this work, should we be letting them? Of course not!

Let’s look at how recruiting leaders can help their teams manage workloads effectively.

How Much a Recruiter Can Do

Recruiters have some kind of superhuman ability that allows them to get so much done each day. Some standard recruiting tasks include:

  • Meeting with hiring managers to get details on an open position
  • Researching the job market to manage hiring expectations
  • Working with the sourcing team to find a shortlist (if a sourcing team is available)
  • Searching through internal databases
  • Researching candidates through resume reviews, social profile reviews, etc.
  • Candidate outreach
  • Candidate nurturing and management through the hiring process
  • Ongoing communication with hiring managers throughout the search process
  • Organizing interviews

And that list doesn’t include professional development, networking, or proactive recruiting.

A 2014 study found that recruiters spend, on average, 25 hours a week on the phone alone. For the average 40 hour workweek, that’s 63% of your week just being on the phone. At best, you’re having to multi-task while on the phone. At worst, you’re working overtime to get your other tasks done.

On top of phone screening, recruiters need to dig through hundreds of resumes for each job posting. Given those sheer numbers, that often means spending just 7 seconds looking at each one.

If recruiters have this much on their plate, what can be done to ease that workload?

How Much a Recruiter Should Do

Recruiters can drastically cut down the time-intensive administrative work they’re stuck with if they have the right tools. Then they can spend their time and energy on building a positive candidate experience.

How amazing would your team feel if they could build a qualified candidate shortlist 3 times faster than usual? What if they could find a quality candidate match in less than 2 minutes? What if they could trust a machine to manage their resume reviewing so they could spend more time on the phone, working with candidates, and building connections?

We believe that by giving recruiters the right tools, their day can look more like this:

Machine learning shouldn’t be used to replace humans. It should be used to help humans focus on being human.

Learn more about how we can increase recruiting efficiency by bringing the right tech to your process!

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