How Talent Intelligence Makes Reskilling Easy

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There’s nothing like a global pandemic and an ensuing financial and jobs crisis to remind you that flexibility is critical. 2020 reminded many recruiting teams that they need to remain flexible and open to learning to stay ahead. Quickly reskilling became a major topic of conversation. To reskill in the world of recruiting and hiring effectively, you’re going to need Talent Intelligence.

What Is Reskilling?

When the work world undergoes strain, employees and leaders are faced with understanding how they can weather the storm. For some, that means hanging on tight to their current position, while others take it as an opportunity to embrace change and look at upskilling or reskilling.

Reskilling is learning new skills to do a different job than one is currently doing, while upskilling is learning new skills to either use at your current job or working towards a promotion. Both reskilling and upskilling are essential facets of talent redeployment or the process of moving employees to a different position depending on needs and skillsets. 

The Business Case for Reskilling and Learning

According to the 2021 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report, upskilling and reskilling is the number one L&D priority in 2021. With resilience being so essential this past year, it’s natural that organizations have been looking at how to build that resilience amongst their teams. Upskilling and reskilling for internal mobility are incredibly valuable for that goal.

If you’re looking to increase employee retention, take note. 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development. (Source)

Beyond that, retaining and reskilling or upskilling existing employees is a cost-effective way to fill necessary roles. Rather than consistently looking externally to fill positions that existing and qualified employees could fill. On top of that, a culture of learning and development is a key pillar for job seekers when evaluating an employer.

The Power of Talent Intelligence

Talent Intelligence is contextualized data about talent used to make better hiring and business decisions. It’s a significant player in functional and effective recruiting strategies, but don’t discount its power regarding reskilling, upskilling, and talent redeployment. 

A major change we saw in 2020 was recruiters who worked in one industry having to move to another. We’ve heard anecdotes of hospitality recruiters moving into healthcare and technology recruiters moving into customer service. In this redeployment of recruiting skills, the ability to reskill quickly and effectively is key. The recruiters who transitioned from hospitality to healthcare didn’t have months to learn the industry. They needed to rely on accurate data and a keen learning sense to get into the game quickly.

Talent Intelligence provides not just that data but also the context to best understand it. The right talent intelligence tools can show the similarities between an industry’s most common skills, locations, and job titles to help your newest recruiters get up to speed fast. They don’t need to be an industry expert because the system can be the expert for them.

The role of Talent Intelligence doesn’t just end at reskilling. If you have a team of recruiters looking to develop professionally, they must be able to transition from Recruiter to Talent Advisor. Talent Intelligence helps your team better understand the data at their fingertips and how it applies to the world at large. They can take that knowledge into their conversations with leaders and guide the strategic hiring decisions that make a difference.

HiringSolved and Talent Intelligence

We call ourselves a Talent Intelligence platform because we believe that your data plays a more significant role than recruiting. Yes, we make recruiting more manageable. But we also aim to provide contextualized and visual data so that you can make the best business decisions. After all, the success of recruiting affects an entire business, not just the recruiting team. When you can hire better faster, you’re saving money, increasing efficiency across the board, and, likely, generating revenue.

HiringSolved integrates directly with your existing candidate databases to increase the value of that data. Your ATS, CRM, and HRIS are goldmines, but that value is locked away without mining equipment. HiringSolved digs through that data, normalizes it, applies context and machine learning to it, and gives your team the power to make the best recruiting decisions.

One HiringSolved user, a leading staffing company, saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational expenses AND increased revenue by $6 million after integrating HiringSolved into their existing data.

Image of an ipad with the text, "See how HiringSolved led this staffing company through a digital transformation to revolutionize their recruiting process in just 60 days."

The conversation around reskilling and upskilling isn’t shifting anytime soon. The only thing that will change is your position as a leader or a follower.

How are you going to reskill your recruiting team to be ready to face whatever they’re dealt?

Don't stop now. Keep reading!

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