How To Increase Automation Usage Among Recruiting Teams

Increasing automation usage helps recruiters let tech tools take on some work

We’ve all heard it: Automation is the key to productivity. By bringing the right kind of automation into your recruiting team, you could get 25% of your work week back. Your recruiters could put their focus where it matters: building a human connection with candidates. Let’s get into how you can increase the automation usage within your team!

Even though it’s clear how helpful automation can be to the recruiting process, recruiters are still hesitant. Whether it’s fear of change or lack of trust, the problems that your recruiters are facing are not insurmountable.

Understand What Automation Can and Can’t Do

As we’ve said previously, “It’s up to you to decide to let technology manage what you shouldn’t so that you can do what it can’t.

Having clarity around what role automation will play in your team’s recruitment process is critical to users feeling comfortable with it. As a team leader, you need to know what automation is capable of and what it isn’t. Automation can absolutely be used to filter out spam emails or search your internal databases, but it shouldn’t be used to have a heart-to-heart with your candidate about their career goals.

Be clear with your teams about what you expect automation to take over and what you expect them to handle. Set up the conversation as a positive thing and focus on what they will get out of using automation, “Automation is going to help us save time searching candidates so we can focus our time on communicating with them!”

Test the System with Experts

If you’re bringing automation into your day, you’re probably also bringing a software company into your day. Work with the Customer Success team to ensure that your team is using the tool to its fullest potential.

Scheduling one-on-one training sessions with your vendor allows you to get all of your questions answered. It’ll also give your recruiters peace of mind that they are efficiently using the platform.

We can’t recommend enough that if you feel you aren’t getting the right ROI on your tool…reach out to experts! Vendors want you to be successful with their products and staying in communication with recurring check-ins is an excellent way to ensure that.

Have the Right Solutions

In order to increase automation usage, you need to make sure that your team has the right automation in their tool belts. When you decide to buy new tech, you need to identify the pain points it needs to solve. After you’ve worked to decipher the problems, you can find the perfect solution.

Remember to communicate with your team through every step of the purchasing process. You’ll build in buy-in and trust from the start and you won’t have to worry about trying to introduce your team to a tool they’ve never seen.

Remember: the easiest way to get recruiters to use a tool is to have a tool that works.

Alleviate Fears

“Automation” is one of the scariest words for recruiters. It conjures ideas of robot replacements and poorly-formed email templates. As a team leader, you need to help alleviate those fears and concerns. Using automation isn’t about replacing recruiters; it’s about giving recruiters the time they need to focus on the human aspects of recruiting.

Meet with your team to work with them one-on-one about how automation can help them. This will help soothe any fears they have about using the new tech. Open communication will also result in a more trusting workplace in general!

If you want to know more about increasing automation usage, check out the TA Global Gathering on July 8th and 9th! Our very own Fara Rives will be presenting and hosting a roundtable with tactical tips for your workflow!

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