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How To Increase Placements Without Increasing Pressure

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

In 2022, Staffing Industry Analysts predicted a double-digit growth rate in every skill segment in the staffing industry. It’s looking like that prediction isn’t too far off. In the June jobs report, “The US economy added 390,000 jobs in May, which exceeded expectations of 318,000 jobs…Overall, this jobs report was a positive signal of continuing expansion in the economy.

Staffing firms have already been feeling the pressure to increase placements as quickly as possible. For many teams, that’s a recipe for increased pressure to work faster and increasing levels of burnout amongst teams.

So how can your team increase placements and keep your clients happy without burning out your team members? We’ve got four ways to make it happen.

Use Your Earned Data with Talent Intelligence

First of all, what is earned data?

Earned data is the data that already exists in your databases. That includes data in your ATS/CRM/HRIS and anything held on your team’s laptops and spreadsheets.

By knowing what you have in your system, you can:

  • Keep clients informed on who you already have access to and whom you will need to outreach for
  • Interact with candidates who have already expressed interest in your firm
  • Avoid fishing in the same job boards and networks that your competitors are
  • Save money!

Like our EVP of Sales & Marketing Dave Barthel said on the RecruitingDaily Use Case Podcast, “I’ve been in the staffing business for 25 years before joining HiringSolved and somewhere things changed, where everybody ran out to the job boards to fill roles, and they stopped putting that focus on that earned data. And we think there’s gold there. We know there’s gold there. Our customers know there’s gold there.

Using your earned data means interacting with candidates who have already interacted with you and your firm. You can dive right into the new role rather than working through the relationship-building small talk and qualification process leading to quicker placements and less stress for your team to go out and find more candidates.

Implement Automation and Artificial Intelligence

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it: If you’re not using automation in your staffing process, you’re already behind.

You don’t need to hand over your entire process to automation and AI (and honestly, you shouldn’t), but you do need to allow it to take over the mundane and repetitive tasks that your team shouldn’t be spending time on.

Using automation doesn’t just handle tasks for your recruiters, decreases time to fill, and lowers operational costs for your firm. It can also make your recruiters feel more empowered to focus on what they’re good at rather than spending their time on administrative tasks.

Fair warning: Set your data up correctly so automation can work its magic. 

Redeploy and Retain The Best Candidates

Some studies suggest that staffing firms are only redeploying at a 10 – 30% rate… that’s not great.

Redeploying candidates will not only increase placements but also decrease the stress on your recruiters to find more candidates and increase the chances of your candidates staying with you rather than moving to a competitor for their next role.

We created our Talent Redeployment dashboard to help track where your contractors are and alert you when they’re ready for a new role, including H-1B visa contractors.

With redeployment, your recruiters can have a steady stream of placements that they can count on to make their quotas without having to dive into job boards and applicants.

Invest in Learning and Development

If you’re concerned about not increasing pressure on your recruiters, you want to invest in your team. We love to hear that!

One of the easiest ways to invest in your team is to train them! Help your recruiters feel confident by making them experts. Whether building some intra-team training sessions or bringing in a professional, the better prepared your recruiters are, the quicker they can move and the more confident they will feel.

Ultimately, increasing placements without increasing pressure means ensuring your team has the right resources and training. Whether that comes in the form of automation or a bigger headcount, or using your earned data, you’ll increase your team’s retention and your firm’s success.