As a recruiter, you’re likely managing tons of technology every single day. This list from Talent Hero shares more than 80 of the options. Some of that tech works great and some of it falls short and no matter where it stands on that spectrum it’s about finding the tools to make tech work exactly as you need it to. That’s where an integration comes in.

We create tools to make a recruiter’s work more efficient. As one of our clients said:

“HiringSolved is the preeminent platform with explicit purpose to source candidates in your data (ATS/CRM) quickly.”

Now in order to search the data that your team has, we need to be able to integrate our product with your data and other vendors. Normally this process involves a lot of questions so we wanted to answer some of those questions that may pop up.


“Do you integrate with my company’s ATS/CRM?”

Let’s take a look at who we’ve integrated with before: IBM Kenexa, Taleo, Workday, Peoplefluent, Bullhorn, iCIMS, Avature, Greenhouse, Smashfly, SmartRecruiters, Beamery, Jobvite, Talemetry, Lever, JobAdder, Gr8People, TalentBrew, Yello, Ascendify, PhenomPeople, Symphony Talent.

If the software your team uses isn’t on that list, that doesn’t mean that we can’t, it just means that we haven’t yet. Our Engineering team lives by the rule that nothing is impossible, so don’t let “…but they’ve never done it before” be a cause for concern. We’re always willing to take a look and see how to make it happen.


“How long should we expect the integration process to take?”

We have a 60-day rolling integration plan…so 60 days from when we receive your data, we’ll have you integrated. During those 60 days, our Customer Success team will be available for onboarding and training so you and your team can be primed for adoption. We’ll be there to set you up for success from step one.

As a note, as soon as everything is set up and integrated, HiringSolved software is extremely “plug and play” and easy to use.


“What do you need from me and my team to make the integration happen?”

Great question! We do need a couple of things from you as a customer:

  1. An introduction on behalf of your data to your ATS/CRM vendor. While we have an existing relationship with most vendors, your team’s data is individual so we need to work with all of those vendors individually for your data.
  2. Partnership with a team member to outline and choose menu options for filters. We want to personalize our product to what you need, so having a team member that can help us make these decisions is important.
  3. Availability for onboarding and training. We want to make sure that you’re all set up and ready to go as soon as the integration is complete and we’re sure that you want that too.


“What are the main advantages of using HiringSolved with my current ATS/CRM?”

Back in 2012, Glen Cathey was talking about whether your ATS is a black hole or a diamond mine and the question still applies. If your ATS is chock-full of potential, why isn’t it being used to its full potential? With many legacy ATS’s recruiters say, “I can’t search or it’s excruciatingly painful to search.” That’s where we come in.

HiringSolved is there to unlock 100% of those resumes with simple recruiter UI. Searches can get done 3X faster than when they’re done manually and you can feel certain that you’re using your data to its fullest potential. By using HiringSolved you’re able to use the simple UI on unstructured data like resumes, as well as structured data like fields that were filled out. If you can’t find the data you need, there is no point in having that data, so optimize your tech stack and get to finding!


“Who should I talk to with more questions?”

Us! If you’re an existing customer, you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager. If you want to see what HiringSolved is capable of, schedule a demo here.