Diversity Recruiting: Inclusionary vs. Exclusionary Searching

If you’re taking a hard look at the diversity recruiting of your organization, you’re not alone. According to HR Dive and a BCG report, “about 98% of companies have a diversity program” (Source). But it’s not enough to just have a diversity program, you need to make sure that you’re using the right tools to make your workplace the best it can be.

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Image of hand on computer with text overlay "Diversity Recruiting: Inclusionary versus Exclusionary Searching"

There’s an endless amount of conversation and learning around diversity and inclusion in recruiting, but today we want to talk about searching.

As a recruiter, you’ve probably been tasked with finding “diverse candidates.” But how do you recruit diverse candidates without feeling like you’re excluding possible candidates? That’s an excellent question to ask.

What is the difference between inclusionary and exclusionary searching?

When searching for diverse candidates, you need to understand the difference between the two.

The difference on paper is fairly simple:

Inclusionary searching ensures that every qualified person is included in a search. Exclusionary searching removes people from a pool.

When creating your candidate pools, it’s important to create a search that does not exclude candidates. Otherwise, you could fall into the trap of creating an exclusionary recruiting program.

It’s so important to maintain inclusionary search practices because building a diverse workforce relies on not excluding people. If your search excludes people, then your team excludes people.

The HiringSolved Solution

When we created the Diversity Boost features in HiringSolved, we knew that we wanted to promote inclusionary searches.

If your team is focused on creating a diverse workforce, you shouldn’t be removing potential candidates from a pool. You need to weigh the results of a search differently. When using Diversity Boost, HiringSolved technology will automatically shuffle the search results to more prominently showcase diverse candidates without ever removing someone from a search.

Making sure that your searches are as inclusive as your team is just one of the many steps it takes to appropriately implement a diversity recruiting strategy.

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