Insights & Analytics: How They Help

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Using insights and analytics isn’t just about being able to know how many profiles you have in your tech stack. It’s about providing context to build talent intelligence into your recruiting process.

Back in 2014, Michael Morell wrote for Wired,

Today, recruiters need to be able to understand big data, which boils down to discovery, visualization and insight. The best recruiting teams will use technology that bubbles up the right candidates, and know how to weight the data points to provide the best possible fits for a position. Also, remember that personal interaction and communication provide perhaps more important data than massive amounts of publicly available data. Did a candidate respond to an email? Show up for an interview?

The words still ring true.

At HiringSolved, we know that having the right insights and analytics is the key to recruiters being successful.

What is Talent Intelligence?

Talent intelligence gives the ability to contextualize data, add structure and meaning and make it actionable and, therefore, valuable.

With every search, HiringSolved shares the most necessary analytics: Total candidates in a search, diversity rate of candidate pipeline, source info, locations, job title, education level, skills, company, and more. Using RAI, you can contextualize this data against the workforce as a whole to make your recruiting strategy unstoppable.

Detailed insights on candidate search results show common job titles, previous employers, education, skills, locations, and more. If you click any insight, the search will limit to just those results.

Image of HiringSolved insights dashboard

HiringSolved gives the power back to recruiters and helps to make them not just recruiters, but talent advisors who are able to stand up to the demands of hiring managers with the data they need.

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