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Introducing The Newest HiringSolved

That’s right – we’ve got some news. 

We are officially announcing our newest iteration of HiringSolved.

HiringSolved grew from the mind of Shon Burton, an engineer turned staffing firm owner, and Trevor Olson, a technology pro who thrives on making things that don’t exist yet. After years of training our artificial intelligence on billions of open web data points, we evolved into an internal data search product that brought talent intelligence to recruiting teams at the forefront of talent acquisition.

But now it’s time for something better.

Why We Updated HiringSolved

We always want to bring the best to our users. So there were a couple of inspirations behind creating our newest iteration.

Shifting Industry Needs

2020 changed everything, and we had to change with it.

With the impact of The Great Resignation, the “she-cession,” the work from home revolution, layoffs, industry shutdowns, and more, the way that work fit into our lives changed. Recruiting and staffing teams needed to move even quicker than usual and provide opportunities to a new, empowered workforce.

User Feedback

At our core, we create solutions for our users. Therefore, we worked alongside our current users to get their feedback on what was working with our tool and, more importantly, what wasn’t. We needed to make a more secure and customizable tool that searched faster, more intuitively, and required even less time to get trained on.

Challenge accepted.

What to Expect from the New HiringSolved

In the newest iteration of HiringSolved, we’re taking things back to basics. While we’re using cutting-edge AI functionality, we’ve simplified the interface and user experience to be Recruiting Simplified. In our quest to build a better experience for each team, we’ve made a system that can be personalized to its users. That way, the features your team needs to be successful are always at the ready.

Better Search

The number one problem with candidate databases, like ATSs and CRMs, is search. HiringSolved’s search-forward interface and functionality leads to intuitive candidate searching with faster and more accurate results. Search every single data source in your database (including resumes, notes, etc.) by keyword, Boolean, job title, or by uploading a resume or job description to find who you need in seconds – really, seconds. One of our users, Green Key Resources, spent over 10 minutes searching for qualified candidates in their databases. After implementing HiringSolved, their search time went down to just four seconds. With time savings like that, just think of how many more placements your team can make!

Talent Redeployment, Candidate Matching, and AI

To better serve the needs of staffing teams, we’ve also created a brand-new feature, Talent Redeployment. Our intelligent automation will scour users’ existing placements to match contractors coming off a contract to new opportunities. Recruiters are notified at 90, 60, and 30 days before contracts expire and served potential new roles so that every candidate can keep working and every recruiter can keep their roles filled.

What about candidates who aren’t currently on a contract? We can match them too! HiringSolved will analyze your current database to suggest qualified candidates for each of your open roles intelligently. In seconds, recruiters can get an initial list of candidates and get to work finding the perfect fit.

The intelligent automation doesn’t stop there. RAI, our AI-powered recruiting assistant, is behind every moment in HiringSolved. It is ready to support any of your searches with intelligent suggestions to get the best results. 

Insights Every Step of the Way

Through every step of the process, users will see talent analytics about their entire candidate pool to provide powerful insights as they meet with clients and hiring managers and build that expertise that brings clients back time and time again and empowers recruiters to become talent advisors. In addition, our improved Diversity Prediction helps to visualize the diversity of your current pipelines and outlines where there are roadblocks on your path to diverse and successful teams.

The HiringSolved Results

With the new HiringSolved, our Beta users see increased placements and more intelligent and quantifiable decision-making. Beyond that, they’re seeing faster team development and training, increased recruiter effectiveness (i.e., placing more people in a shorter time), and continuous employment for candidates.

With unified searching, teams can visualize and get insights and analytics on every piece of data in every database. No more bouncing from ATS to CRM to HRIS…it’s all in HiringSolved. That means that the money and time that was spent gathering that data is no longer wasted.

Let’s be honest – a blog post will never do a talent intelligence platform justice…there’s just too much to explore! We’d love to give you a one-on-one personalized demo to help you see what HiringSolved can do for you.