Is Legacy Recruitment Software to Blame For Inefficiency?

Why hasn’t recruitment software solved all of our problems?
Why are we still talking about recruiting inefficiency?

It seems like the topic of recruiting inefficiency is evergreen. No matter the year or the hiring world, recruiting teams are constantly looking for a way to increase efficiency and do more with less.

Despite efficiency constantly being a goal, teams are using outdated legacy software that drags them down every step of the way.

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What Is Legacy Recruitment Software?

Legacy recruitment software is software that is outdated in comparison to the tools that are currently available. Think of it like using an iPhone 3 versus an iPhone 12. Technically, the iPhone 3 may work to text or make calls, but compared to the iPhone 12 it is outdated and ineffective.

When it comes to recruitment software, legacy tools could pose more of a problem than a solution.

Why Is Legacy Software a Problem?

The most important thing to understand about software is that it is constantly evolving. While often there’s nothing inherently wrong with using outdated technology, using outdated software can leave you open to inefficiency and lack of support. Let’s look specifically at ATSs and CRMs.

Recruitment software isn’t often built to be a one-and-done solution to every problem. That’s particularly true with ATSs and CRMs. As tools, they are meant to do a particular job (track applicants or manage candidates accordingly). Often it takes an immense amount of training for users to become expert-level ATS users due to the need for workarounds for particular needs. 

What Is Legacy Software Missing?

The big factor that legacy software is missing is optimization. Since legacy software by definition is outdated it is often missing out on needed functionality or features. According to The State of Applicant Tracking Systems from

  • 40% of respondents say that their ATS is lacking in features
  • 24% of respondents say their ATS is incapable of reporting on data effectively
  • 16% of respondents say their ATS is too complicated
  • Another 16% of respondents say is too difficult

Despite the prevalence of ATSs, it’s clear that their legacy functionality simply can’t keep up with the needs of the modern recruiter.

All too often, recruiting teams think that the solution is simply to implement a new ATS, but when budgets are at the top of your mind you may end up throwing more money at a lackluster solution. There are other options! Optimizing your ATS or CRM also means optimizing your budget.

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Recruiting teams deserve the best tools in order to do the best work. When they’re stuck with legacy recruitment software, they’re unable to efficiently create the relationships they need to be successful.

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