It’s a busy time here at HiringSolved headquarters! We’ve been working on PROPHET II updates, R6 updates, and if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a brand new podcast.

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Say Hello to The Hirecast!

That’s right. Our podcast, The HireCast, launched on June 7th! The first episode has Dan and Devyn talking about job hopping and how it probably shouldn’t be as big of a deal as it is, and we’ve got plenty more episodes available to listen to now!

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A PROPHET Update is Ready!

PROPHET is officially out in the wild and ready for you, your teammates, and your friends to download! Be sure to head to the PROPHET II blog here to learn all about the revamped tiers and everything you need to know about this release. Have questions? Let us know on Twitter.



How We Integrate with Your ATS/CRM

In order to use our product to search the data that your team has, we need to be able to integrate our product with your data and other vendors. Normally this process involves a lot of questions so we wanted to answer some of those questions that may pop up.

Head over to the blog the see those answers!


One of the most common questions we get about PROPHET is…What is a credit?

Great question! 1 credit equals 1 candidate’s info. While using the search is always free, the credits come into play when revealing a candidate’s info. For example:

Using the widget on a profile and click the “Find Email” button? 
You’ll use 1 credit. 

Using the search page and save a whole page of 10 candidates to a list? 
You’ll use 10 credits.

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