Make A Decision Already! Try These 7 Methods


In recruiting and in business overall, these days it is so easy to get stuck in a loop of indecision. Amazingly, polls estimate that over 70% of workers become sedentary at work because of this very issue. It’s easy to put a ton of weight on making a decision and that in turn leads to a very time-consuming process of debating the merits of this or that. The process is demoralizing and mentally taxing and it just needs to stop.


Too many people are simply putting off decisions altogether and it harms everyone.


Uncertainty is paralyzing enough without letting it consume the psyche of 70% of the workforce. When people don’t feel like things are getting done company morale plummets and timeframes get bigger and more expensive.


Fear is ruling our thoughts. Too many people are looking for the option that is the perfect balance of costing nothing and generating gargantuan returns. It’s like nobody can take a hit anymore. We’ve all gone soft. Sometimes we need to just Han-Solo our decisions without letting the C-3POs tell us the potential costs all the time. The cost of doing nothing is clearly far higher!


Let’s start the decision movement and move towards a higher pace of working, or we’ll be stuck in this asteroid field forever!


Here’s how:

1. Go Back to Square 1 With Fresh Eyes

So you’ve inundated yourself with a slew of options and you’ve been playing with the ideas trying to see what will stick. If you have all the options in front of you, don’t worry about wasting too much time on the complexities of each one. Once you have a basic understanding, revisit your original mission and more often than not you will find that one of the options is the obvious choice.

2. Stop Talking To Yourself And Get Another Human

Don’t let your internal monologue get stuck in a broken-record-loop of inactivity. Throughout history people who achieved the most always did it with the support of others. Nobody can be that effective on their own, I don’t care how magical you think Steve Jobs was. Get another person involved and stop drowning yourself in the issue.

3. Make A Decision Deadline

Blame the clock for your foibles! If you stick to a deadline, this is exactly what you can do. It’s a great way to remove the blame off of yourself. And by the way, if you’re getting a lot of blame for one bad decision every once in a while, you may just be in a toxic work environment.

4. Have Faith In Yourself

Build confidence in yourself that goes beyond a single decision. In general, you know you have made good decisions that led you to this point, so what does one bad one mean? Bad decisions mean that you’re not a fearful actor and they don’t define everything you’ve ever done. Let go of all the weight attached to your decision and look at the forest, not just the individual tree. You will realize that one bad apple won’t spoil the bunch.

5. Remember That Inactivity Is Part Of Risk Assessment

OK so you might not know for sure if a decision is a good one and you need to research the consequences. This adds time to your production timeframes and slows down the company momentum, allowing your competition to act. Realize that not acting IS the bad decision. Did you make a bad decision? Well now you learned something. It was much quicker than the research project you were originally envisioning.

6. Decide If A Bad Decision Is That Big A Deal (Usually It’s Not)

The terror, the terror. What if your decision is a bad one?! A better question is: if this is a bad decision, will I feel it a month from now? In a year? If the answer is no, then you needn’t worry about whether the decision is good or bad, just make it already and find out! We’re all such a bunch of indecisive sissies, I swear!

7. De-prioritize Your Feelings

Research is obviously important, but if you’re spending a lot of time just trying to find a way to justify a decision you’re emotionally tied to, then you’re wasting time. Be willing to throw away your pre-judgement and go with whatever you find, even if it seems to contradict your initial thoughts. You’re not infallible!

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