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Visualize Internal Data: Make Your Black Box a Glass Box

Do you understand your internal data?

Do you know how many candidates are sitting in your ATS or CRM?

Does your team contact second-place candidates?

Do you know where the candidates in your systems live or where they have worked before?

You should.

Graphic showing the transition from black box into a visible glass box

The Power of Internal Data

Sourcers and recruiters spend years filling databases with outstanding candidates. They’ve searched, advertised, interviewed, and nurtured thousands, if not millions, of candidates. and have used that expertise to make sure that when a requisition comes in, the candidate they need is already waiting for them.  

Re-engaging with existing candidates means that your team is reaching out to people who have already expressed their interest in working for your company, who have already passed on all of their necessary information, and who, in some cases, have already been marked as qualified in the past.

Teams want to turn to the qualified candidates that have been sitting in wait in your ATS. And that’s where the problems come in.

What Can an ATS Do

As recruiters ourselves, we know the problems that ATSs and CRMs pose in the workflow, but we also know that there’s an expectation problem in our industry that needs to be addressed.

Your ATS is fantastic at doing exactly what it’s designed to do: hold onto candidate data. It’s a storage center that has served teams well for years. The problem arises when users want to extract and search that data. That’s just not what ATSs are built for. It’s a black box that can feel impenetrable without hours upon hours of human intervention. After endless hours, you end up with a shortlist that doesn’t unlock the full potential of your data and your team is too exhausted to provide a positive candidate experience.

You don’t need to get a new box.

You need to change it from a black box to a glass box.

By adjusting the expectations of each tool in your workflow, you can cultivate a productive and personalized tech stack. You hire experts to handle different tasks within your team, why wouldn’t you apply the same strategy to the tools you use?

While an ATS holds your data, you need a tool that allows you to turn that data actionable. HiringSolved brings you and your team talent intelligence. We help you turn that black box into a glass box where all your data is visual, searchable, and actionable. By making your ATS an active resource you’re giving your team an advantage over those who are still wading through data.

Hear from Lowe’s

In a recent webinar, Heather Thomas and Alli Wickstrom spoke about how Lowe’s was able to utilize their glass box.

Your internal data is exactly that: yours. By not having the right tools to accurately utilize it, you’re losing the effort that your recruiting teams have put in, not to mention the sheer number of dollars that have been spent to attract that talent. Add the right tools to your tech stack and you’ll never have to wonder if you’re optimizing your work!