Managing Your Team’s Expectations of an ATS

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We shared a post on the blog earlier this week talking about the expectations that we put on our ATS/CRM systems and how they affect the ROI of your tech stack. We also know that as a team leader you’re the one fielding these concerns about your ATS, so how do you tackle your team’s concerns?

We’ve spent years collecting tons of candidate data but we can’t search it!

This is by far the number one complaint we see with ATS users. ATS systems weren’t built to be searched. They were built to house and track applicant data.

If your recruiters are coming to you with this complaint, make sure you take the time to hear all of their concerns. Better yet: Make a list of what sort of search problems they’re running into. By knowing the problems, it’s far easier to find the right solutions.

Searches feel like they’re missing something…

They are! Even if your ATS or CRM has a fairly decent search capability, chances are it’s based on a keyword or Boolean search. That means that the system is searching for only those words that you type in. There is no contextualized search or Talent Intelligence in tracking systems.

If someone is mislabeled in your database, the search results will miss them. If someone’s employment history or educational background is slightly different from what you typed in, the search results will miss them.

Make a note of what searches feel incomplete to bring to the brainstorming meeting about new tools!

Our ATS/CRM isn’t user-friendly!

ATS and CRM systems are often clunky to deal with so it’s not surprising to hear concerns about their usability. If user-friendly tech is high on your team’s wishlist, make sure you’re bringing that to the table when brainstorming solutions.

There’s no reason your recruiters should have to wade through complicated interfaces to do what they need to do. And there’s certainly no reason to keep business running as usual if your team isn’t as productive.

The number one thing to do when your team has complaints is to listen with a solution-oriented mindset.

Make sure that your team knows that you understand the frustrations that they’re facing. Then plan to work with them and your leaders to find the right solutions.

We need to be honest with ourselves and our teams about what each tool in our tech stack is capable of doing. If we’re not managing our expectations, we’re setting ourselves up for frustration. When you’ve reined in your team’s expectations of your existing tools, it’s time to look for solutions to the remaining problems.

Just because your ATS isn’t built for search doesn’t mean it can’t be searched! HiringSolved uses Talent Intelligence and state-of-the-art search capabilities to turn your black box of an ATS into a glass box. If your team is dealing with any of the above concerns or if you’re looking for a way to triple your team’s productivity, get in touch with us!

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