We recently heard that we’re a bit of an untold story in the HR Tech space and that’s not a wrong assessment. While we’ve been in the space for a while, we’ve always been quiet. We’re working on that.

If you’ve got colleagues that should know about us, forward this email to them. If they want to chat more, they can schedule a demo with us. If they just want to see what we’re creating in the world, we’re on Facebook and Twitter. For now, we’ll be posting on our blog, working on a new podcast, and making sure that we’re bringing all of the value we can to your workday.

News to Note

HIREconf is Coming

October 22nd. New York City.
Early Bird pricing is ending on May 10th so buy your ticket now to save $100.


HiringSolved’s Next Generation Platform R6 now in Beta!

Our Engineering team is constantly making sure that our products are in tip-top shape and this past month has been no exception. Our 6th release, called “R6”, is now being beta tested by multiple customers. R6 is slated for release this year and will include a new messaging platform, new diversity analytics features, and new job ranking features, as well as an all-new version of RAI, our AI assistant.

Here’s a little sneak peek:

A Nod to Our Customer Success Team

Since we’re a remote team here at HiringSolved we make a concentrated effort to spend time chatting about what everybody is up to. This past month we have just been in awe at the amazing work that our Customer Success team has been doing. They work tirelessly each day to make sure that you, our customers, get all of the answers and solutions that you need.

To Jeremy, Jackye, Dan, Stacy, and Heather: THANK YOU!


Featured Blog Post

PROPHET II Easter Eggs You Should Know About
This past Easter weekend we shared some of the Easter eggs you may have missed in PROPHET II. Learn how to get to them on our blog.


Did You Know…?

Have you upgraded to PROPHET II yet? Here’s to find out!

Step one: Click on the extension in the upper right hand corner.
Step two: Click the magnifying glass. This will open the search interface. (By the way, the search interface is what makes PROPHET II so special. Give it a shot!)
Step three: Click “About” and check the Version line. If it starts with 2, you’re good.


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