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Onward! Why We Don’t Support Internet Explorer 8

We’re sorry IE8 users, we really do want to work with you…
Full disclosure: HiringSolved does not work with IE8 and it never will. This sucks, we know. We have customers who are stuck on XP and IE8 and can’t easily use our product because of it. That’s painful and makes us sad. But this is not an accident; it’s a careful design decision. It seems crazy… IE8 was released in 2009, not that long ago. Then again, Internet years are kind of like dog years, you have to multiply by 7.
Unfortunately, IE8 doesn’t support many of the technologies that we need to make HiringSolved great. Things like HTML5 for example. We decided early on to sacrifice compatibility with older browsers in favor of providing the fastest, cleanest experience possible on modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE10.
To quote sourcing expert, David Galley from “I have to say, once again, very impressed by the speed…”. A lot of our speed comes from being lightweight and using the most modern technology available. We’re working hard to make sure HiringSolved is the fastest sourcing tool around.
We can’t slow down. As a startup we have to make these tough decisions every day. We have to stay focused and stay lean. We would love to serve our IE8-bound customer base, which includes some of the Fortune 1000… but doing so would make HiringSolved slower and buggier for everyone. So, ONWARD!
If you can, install Chrome or Firefox. If that won’t fly in your environment, try ChromeFrame, it runs as a plugin inside IE8 and makes it HTML5 compatible.
If you are stuck on IE8 we sympathize. Here’s the good news, it won’t be too much longer:

  1. Microsoft itself is pushing hard for the adoption of IE10
  2. Google announced in 2012 they had discontinued support for IE8
  3. Google’s ChromeFrame turns IE8 into a powerful browser that’s almost as good as Chrome
  4. Microsoft is ending support for XP (the main source of IE8) in less than 1 year

Thanks for reading… if you’re reading this on IE8 I hope the links help!