Why More Isn’t Always Better

More meetings…more candidates…more options…more, more, more. It seems like everywhere we go there is a need for “more.” Hiring managers are asking for more options, more interviews, and more proof that the candidate you’re showing them is the right one, but is “more” always the best option? In all honesty, no. Sometimes you don’t need … Continued

HiringSolved Wins Award for Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology

We’re beyond thrilled to announce that HiringSolved has won a Brandon Hall Group Silver Award for Excellence in Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology! Several members of the HiringSolved team accepted this award, along with some of our partners at Lowe’s, a HiringSolved customer. Together, the HiringSolved and Lowe’s teams presented how Lowe’s used HiringSolved … Continued

AECOM Sources Candidates 3X Faster with HiringSolved

HiringSolved’s goal is to help make recruiters more productive by giving them the ability to use talent intelligence to make better recruiting decisions. Your data should work for you. It should be valuable and actionable, not a source of frustration. Heather Thomas, HiringSolved’s Director of Customer Solutions, worked with AECOM’s Sourcing and Executive Recruiter to … Continued

Recruiter Burnout and What To Do About It

If you work in recruiting, you may have seen this article floating around in December. It was the end of the year and recruiters were feeling the strain. For some, the strain was more than just your standard stressful day. It was leading to complete and total burnout. What Is Burnout? Burnout is “a state … Continued

How to Start the Conversation About Diversity & Inclusion

No matter how much the industry conversation turns to diversity and inclusion, some people still get uncomfortable talking about it. Some people feel as if their thoughts and experiences don’t belong in the conversation, some people don’t want to say the wrong thing, and some just don’t know where to start. If you’re in the … Continued

Work Resolutions: How to Set Them and How to Keep Them

The new year is here and with it comes the promise of new resolutions and goals! When you’re setting resolutions at work, it’s all about being honest with yourself and what you’re capable of. Setting resolutions that you can’t stick to will simply result in feeling like you are incapable of being successful and that’s … Continued

Level One: To Certify or Not to Certify

On nearly every job posting out there, there is a list of “requirements” and a list of “preferred” skills. If you are going into Human Resources or Talent Acquisition, you may notice more and more that professional certifications are slowly moving from the preferred list to the required list. If you’re looking to get a … Continued

Star Trek vs. Skynet: A Webinar with Heather Thomas

At HIREconf 2019, Heather Thomas took to the stage (in a Star Trek costume no less). She kicked off the day of presentations by looking at technology and why we’re so resistant to accepting new technology into our industry. Why do we stress about the level of work we need to do, but then we … Continued