When to Go Internal

This week on The HireCast (SNEAK PEEK ALERT) we’re talking about when internal hiring is the way to go. Internal hiring can be a fantastic starting point for a sourcing and recruiting journey, but all too often hiring managers can forget that internal candidates are an option. There are a couple of different kinds of internal … Continued

Introducing…The HireCast!

At the start of this year, we had a content meeting where we talked about the sort of content that we wanted HiringSolved to have and one of the first things on the list was a podcast. Now it’s here! The HireCast premiered on Friday, June 7th and from here on out we’ll be dropping … Continued

The Digest #5: A Look at May

We’re having a hard time believing it’s already June, but let’s take a look back at what May brought us!   In the Talent Acquisition World Flexibility and Remote Working Are the New Normal, Finds a New Global Workplace Study Condeco recently published a study highlighting how increasingly common it is for workplaces to be … Continued

Level One: Resume Myths

Level One is our series for new recruiters and sourcers focused on bringing some of the knowledge from experienced TA professionals to you! You can see the other Level One posts on our blog here. Resumes are probably one of the most talked about aspects of recruiting and job searching in general. It seems like … Continued

How We Integrate with Your ATS/CRM

As a recruiter, you’re likely managing tons of technology every single day. This list from Talent Hero shares more than 80 of the options. Some of that tech works great and some of it falls short and no matter where it stands on that spectrum it’s about finding the tools to make tech work exactly … Continued

The Digest #4: A Look at April

We’re back this month to take a look at what April brought us.   In the Talent Acquisition World   Is Recruiting Getting More Expensive? This study from Kronos and The Human Capital Institute says yes. The gist is that an extended time-to-hire is resulting in a higher cost-per-hire. So what can be done to … Continued

Level One: Recruiting Red Flags

Check out our past Level One posts here and here! Twitter recently blew up with talks of thank you notes and rules of thumb that people follow for knowing whether to hire someone or not. Should you not hire someone just because they didn’t send a thank you note? Probably not the best route to … Continued

Is Inbox Zero Really Worth It?

For years now, our email inboxes have been updating in the background of our lives filling up with everything from chain letters from aging parents to sales pitches. Every day that passes we can see the little number in the tab ticking upwards and upwards until all of a sudden there are 35,000 emails and … Continued

PROPHET II Easter Eggs You Should Know

This content was originally posted on the PROPHET II website here. If you didn’t know this yet, the PROPHET/HiringSolved team is made up of a bunch of old-school nerds. Our childhoods were filled with video games and their companion cheat codes and Easter eggs. So when our engineering team grew up and created PROPHET II, … Continued