Augmented Reality, Our Data, and Your Face

Inside Robocog Labs At HiringSolved, we’re exploring how our existing technology can be adapted into a real-world Augmented Reality product. We’re in a unique position because of our potential to bridge our capabilities in people aggregation with augmented reality. We’re pushing through a brand new frontier in talent acquisition products. Our goal is to develop … Continued

Weekend Reads for Sourcers and Recruiters

image credit – Daria on Flickr Staying fresh on what’s happening in recruiting is imperative for a good sourcer. Finding the time to organize what’s worth reading and what isn’t can be a pain. Since you have better things to do, we went ahead and compiled the most important pieces from last week for a … Continued

Sourcing Techniques that Unlock YouTube Talent

Using YouTube to Find Talent Sourcing for talent on social media is now commonplace for many recruiting firms and organizations. With so much personal data being shared freely on the social web, many recruiters take advantage of methods to mine for job and contact data. Professional sites are the typical go-to for any sourcer, and … Continued

HiringSolved Hangout: How to Write an Effective Recruiting Email

HiringSolved Hangout: Emails We had our first episode of our new Google+ Hangout series at HiringSolved. New to us at least – to newly-appointed VP of Growth, Jeremy Roberts, it was nothing new. Jeremy ran a great show with some spectacular guests including the 9 sourcing practitioners: Dean Da Costa, Allison Kruse, Steve Levy, Shannon Pritchett, Maureen Sharib, … Continued

Anti-Money-Laundering Professional Trends

Anti Money Laundering Professional Hiring Trends Anti Money Laundering in the United States is an extremely lucrative field for professionals and the recruiters who hire them. Many executive positions offer pay up to 6 figures — sometimes 7. It’s no surprise that these people are paid so much considering their job is to help mitigate … Continued

Talent Has A Genome

What if more people loved what they do? What if we could indicate how to make your current staff happier, healthier and more productive? What if ‘culture fit’ was quantifiable? What if we could understand the interaction of aptitude, attitude and environment? What if we could predict untapped potential in people? Could we use that knowledge … Continued

HiringSolved Names Jeremy Roberts as VP of Growth and Customer Success

Roberts Brings 15 Years of Industry Experience to HiringSolved Chandler, Arizona (March 21, 2016) — HiringSolved (Robocog, Inc), a people aggregator company, announced today the appointment of Jeremy Roberts as VP of Growth and Customer Success effective March 22, 2016. Mr. Roberts joins HiringSolved from ERE Media where, since 2013, he has served as the … Continued

Diversity Search

HiringSolved added new measures to their search that make it easier to prioritize minorities and women in searches. These changes were made to address times when these groups are underrepresented based on geo-demographic assessments. These measures compliment existing diversity programs because they allow recruiters to amplify results with minority characteristics so they appear at the top of a … Continued