Common Problems with HR Tech Adoption and How to Fix Them

Finding the right technology, getting your team on board, adopting it into your everyday work life…it can be a bit overwhelming and you could run into problems every step of the way. There are some problems that we see time and time again and we’ve got the solutions for you. Want to hear us talk … Continued

October Newsletter: The New HiringSolved

October is one of the busiest months in our calendar…from HR Tech to ERE DC to HIREconf, we are bouncing around the country and meeting all of you! This month we’re also introducing you to our newest creation. We call it R6, but you can just call it HiringSolved. Read on for the details! NEWS Introducing … Continued

Level One: Mentoring

When you’re new to the Talent Acquisition industry, it’s natural to look for someone who can help light the path for you. According to a survey from Olivet Nazarene University, 76% of people think mentors are important, but only 37% have one. Beyond that, people with mentors report being happier at their current job than … Continued

A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

Some days as a recruiter can leave you downtrodden and defeated, but other days leave you with the high that keeps you going. It can be a tough profession, but you do it because you love it. Be kind to yourself, celebrate the wins, have a laugh, and remember that you’re helping people live their … Continued

Introducing R6: HiringSolved Removes Critical Barriers for Complex and High-volume Hiring With Release of Powerful Recruiting Automation Software

See the original press release here. CHANDLER, ARIZ., Sept. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HiringSolved, the leader in AI-powered software for recruiting and talent acquisition automation, announced today the production release of powerful recruiting automation platform R6 (formerly TalentFeed+), removing critical barriers for complex and high-volume hiring. HiringSolved will roll out R6 at this year’s HR Technology® … Continued

The HireCast: Diversity in Recruiting

This week on The HireCast, Jackye Clayton stopped by to chat with Devyn and Dan all about diversity in recruiting. They talked about everything from why diversity is so important to what lower-level employees can do to promote diversity even if they aren’t in the room when it comes to making the hires. It’s on … Continued

The Digest #8: A Look at August

Somehow it’s September…if anyone can explain to us when that happened, that’d be great. August was a bit of a month from Google Hire news to hosting our first webinar in too long, here’s what you need to be caught up on. IN THE TALENT ACQUISITION WORLD Are You Ready For The Future of Talent … Continued

HIREconf: What We’re Looking Forward To

  We’re only a few weeks away from HIREconf 2019! We’re excited, we’re crossing off the days on our calendar, we’re packing way too early…we’re ready. For those of you who don’t know, HIREconf is a conference that we host in New York City where experts all across the HR Tech industry come together and … Continued

WEBINAR: The Robot, The Recruiter, and the Wood Chipper

We recently hosted a podcast featuring our very own Shon Burton where he shared the basics about what people need to know about AI. Hopefully, you know by now that AI isn’t going to take your job. If you didn’t know that, we’re sorry we spoiled it for you. But even if C3PO isn’t gunning … Continued