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HiringSolved is almost 5 years old. It’s amazing to look back and see where we came from and where we are going. I’m thrilled to say that over the last 2 years we have made tremendous progress on almost every front. We have grown our team dramatically, greatly enhanced our technology, continued to build innovative products and accelerated our business through the development of a stellar sales and customer success team. As one of the founders HiringSolved, I’m super proud of what HiringSolved has achieved over the past 5 years. It’s been a very difficult road but it’s also been very rewarding.

We’ve become more sophisticated in measuring our performance by establishing KPIs for our teams, technology and business as a whole but one of the best indications we have that we’re moving in the right direction is that we have established many new partnerships in the last year. We have established important new vendor partnerships with companies like Smashfly and iCIMS, which have enabled us to seamlessly add value for our mutual customers. But the biggest evidence of our advancement in my mind is that our customers view HiringSolved as a true partner. Being a partner to your customers means many things and it may seem like a buzzword, but to me It’s not just lip service. Some of our largest customers consider us a core part of their talent acquisition strategy. We work deeply with them to understand the ever changing talent acquisition market and their challenges within with it. They strategize with us. They tell us what they see and what they need and in turn they shape our view of the market and help us define our product development strategy.

Ignite + HiringSolved = AWESOME

I feel that we’re incredibly lucky to have such customer partners. Without them it would be easy for us to get lost among the hype and buzz of the industry and our own technical and product aspirations. We’re fortunate to have great partners. We’re fortunate to have their trust. We’re thrilled to have built something that they feel is important enough to consider strategic to their cause.

One of these great partners is Allegis. We’ve been excitedly working together now for more than a year. Helping each other to build and strategize. Their knowledge of and visibility into the talent acquisition market is simply invaluable. I’d like to give a big thanks to Allegis for their partnership. I’ll give a shout out to our own Mike Dolan for connecting us and educating me on Allegis. Also huge shout outs to Fara Rives and Tom Jewett for believing in us and to Emily Wares and the entire AGS Ignite team for sending us pictures of the team wearing our “I AM A HUNTER” shirts! You are indeed hunters and you look awesome in the shirts!!! Thanks to you all!


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