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Paving the Path to the Future of Work

Where Can Paths Take You?

Why we created Paths

HiringSolved started because I was forced to do contingency recruiting. I was an unemployed engineer and my recruiter-friend talked me into it. I thought: “I’m an engineer, I’ll be recruiting other engineers” –it sounded like easy money! Boy was I wrong! We started out on contingency reqs to hire brilliant engineers for Google and Apple and I was shocked at how hard it was to hire people. I went onsite at Google and I was baffled by how much work was involved to source, qualify, prepare, interview, and finally hire people. It was a crushing amount of work for the recruiters, the hiring managers, and the candidates themselves. That experience and the obvious difficulty inherent in the hiring process inspired me to think about how we could do it better. After 3 years of recruiting in the trenches, we started HiringSolved to build software to make it better.

The Future of Job Search and Hiring

Paths is a mobile-first job search platform that empowers candidates with the hiring insights.
Paths is a mobile-first job platform

Today, about 11 years after those first recruiting experiences, HiringSolved is launching Paths, our first application to help people find work. It’s been a long road so I’ll share a little bit about how we got here and how we see the future of hiring evolving, plus what we’re doing to help with the new, extreme hiring needs we now see from both the enterprise and job-seeker perspectives. This is an incredibly exciting time for us as we have been wanting to deploy our technology to the job seeker for many years.

The vision for Paths is to transform the way people find work. The early design concepts asked the question: What if you could interact with super-smart software and ask it questions like “What do I need to do to work at SpaceX?” or “I need to make more money and work remotely, how can I do that?” or “I need to move my family of 4 to Chicago, how can I land a job there in the next month? and what if that software knew everything about the job market and could guide you and advise you on your journey? What if it could show you new opportunities you’d never known about or never considered? We believe this is all within reach. The data is out there, we just need to build amazing software around it. We can do this.

Talent Intelligence – Hiring Data & Recruiting Insights

HiringSolved at its core is a company that understands how to analyze, structure, and derive intelligence from data. We started as a software company focused on building recruiting tools to help other companies hire. In the beginning, we chose to focus on what I call “the find problem”, which makes the assumption that the old saying: “good people are hard to find” is true, and seeks to solve it by automating some of the labor-intensive tasks involved in finding good people. There are many such tasks including matching people to jobs, searching, sorting, ranking, and filtering just to name a few. Looking back, I feel we’ve done a great job at solving some of these problems from the enterprise perspective with HiringSolved’s recruiter focused products. On the way we’ve invented new technologies, won awards and built amazing success stories with our customers. Yet, we have always aspired to do more. 

Helping Job Seekers Unlock Hiring

Now in 2020, we’ve seen unemployment skyrocket due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, We live in a world where applying for a job often means having your application evaluated by a machine to some degree. And, sometimes, HiringSolved is that machine. We have become successful in the enterprise, now we want to bring those tools to everyone.

To help more people, and to unlock more opportunities for everyone, we know we need to build solutions for the job-seeker. We need to apply all that we have learned and bring better technology not just to companies, but to everyone seeking work. That’s why we’re building Paths. Simply put, Paths does for job seekers what HiringSolved has done for hiring companies: it takes the hard part out of finding a job. It works by crunching enormous amounts of information on the entire job market to solve “the find problem” by making it easy to understand what jobs are available, what skills they require, and how the user matches up to those jobs. Paths enables a new type of career discovery, in addition to being a better way to find work.

Sign Up for Paths

Paths by HiringSolved helps job seekers unlock hiring with jobs data.
Paths empowers job seekers with hiring insights with access to corporate-level data.

Today, on April 29th, 2020, we’re launching Paths Beta 1. 

This is our first public release of this new technology designed to empower job seekers by helping them understand the job market and their opportunities within it. Like HiringSolved’s other products, this will be a long road. We’re at the very beginning of this journey. If you’d like to see what we’re working on, you can signup at