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If you didn’t know this yet, the PROPHET/HiringSolved team is made up of a bunch of old-school nerds. Our childhoods were filled with video games and their companion cheat codes and Easter eggs. So when our engineering team grew up and created PROPHET II, you know they threw in some Easter eggs.

Now, since it’s Easter weekend, we figure it’s appropriate to start sharing a couple of our favorites. (Get it? Easter…Easter eggs…we thought it was clever.)


Expert Mode

This is the Easter egg that we’ve been sharing with pretty much everyone. That’s how proud of it we are.

Have you heard of the Konami Code? It was a code that gave you 30 extra lives in the original Contra. Since then it has been used throughout Konami games and has become a bit of a cornerstone for gaming codes. So we threw it into P2. Let’s show you how to use it to get to Expert Mode.

Step One:
Open P2 in a new tab. (Click on the extension and click the magnifying glass in the upper right.)

Step Two:
Enter in the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A) in one swift movement.

Step Three:
Boom! Expert Mode enabled.

Expert Mode allows you to search via boolean string so you can get into those specific searches that you need.

For example, let’s say you were looking for a…Software Engineers/Software Developers/Frontend Developers in San Francisco/San Diego/Los Angeles that graduated college in 2016 that have worked or currently work for Google/Facebook/Amazon/Uber/Microsoft

You translate that into a boolean string of…title:(“software engineer” OR “software developer” OR “frontend developer”) location:(“san francisco” OR “san diego” OR “los angeles”) last_edu.end:2016 OR facebook OR amazon OR uber OR microsoft)

And in seconds you’ve got about 426 results to get started with…

(Shout out to our very own Dan Louks for creating that search!)

If you need a little bit of assistance, hit the text at the bottom right of the screen that says “<Expert mode hints>” to get started.


Cyber Search

When we created P2 we knew we wanted there to be an option to do similar search. We wanted people to be able to drop in a resume and find people who were similar. Now we could have just allowed you to drop in the file and let P2 do the rest of the work, but we decided to make it a little more visually interesting.

That’s right. When you drop in a resume, you get a lovely Tron-style screen. Yes, we did this because it just looks really cool.

Beyond just dropping in the resume, you can also then use the search sidebar to update the search to focus on certain locations, specific job titles, etc.

Give these features a shot and let us know what you think!